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Name: Showaib Sarwary

Moussa Sarwary

Task 1 – Inquiring and Analysing

Justification: (Explain and justify the need to find a solution to the problem)

Down syndrome:

I’m going to be establishing a product about a disability based on down

syndrome. Down syndrome is a disability which is known all around the world and
which is why I’ll be researching about this particular disability. In the power point
it will contain information to help people suffering with this disability within their
daily routines for people who are diagnosed with this disability.
Name: Showaib Sarwary
Moussa Sarwary
Research Plan: (Identify and priorities the Primary and Secondary research needed to develop a solution)

Priority What will I research? How will I gather the How will I gather the Why will I research this
information? information? information?
1. What is Downs drome? Research the question Research about We’ll be researching about
then gather historical scientist which are what is down syndrome
information based on discovering what is because this disability is
down syndrome. I’ll be downs syndrome and overly spread all over our
researching about first information based on world.
hand facts. secondary resources.
2. How is Down syndrome I’ll research the question Researching about what We’ll be researching about
caused? based on what causes scientist are discovering how down syndrome is
down syndrome then to in the 21 century and caused because we live in a
gather important also discovering facts developed country which
information. I’ll be about how down we have advantages to
researching about first- syndrome is caused. researching and discover
hand information and how down syndrome is
facts. caused.
3. How would you identify if Researching and Researching about We’ll be researching about
your child has Down identifying if your child identifying if your child identifying if your child has
syndrome? has down syndrome and has down syndrome. Down syndrome because
gathering important Research about context many human’s around our
information based on that scientist have world are diagnosed with
first-hand information, discovered in the 21 this particular disorder.
discovering and facts centuries and facts.
Name: Showaib Sarwary
Moussa Sarwary
4. What are the different Researching about the Researching about the We’ll be researching about
severities of down different severities of different severities of different severities of down
syndrome? down syndrome and I’ll down syndrome. syndrome because to find
be collecting important Research content that out which kind of down
information appropriate scientist in the 21st syndrome is common in
to this question. century is still in the our society and the proper
Investigating facts and process of discovering terminology.
sources from first-hand and facts.
5. Is Down syndrome a fatal Research about is down Research important We’ll be researching about
disorder? syndrome a fatal disease content based on the is down syndrome a fatal
and I’ll be researching question. Research disorder because down
and collecting important scientist which have syndrome is 10 to 15 times
facts and resources on discovered facts in the more likely for a child to be
first-hand information. 21st century. born with this particular
Name: Showaib Sarwary
Moussa Sarwary

Analysis of Existing Products: (Take screenshots of existing products and write a

short description of each product under the screenshot)


This website specifically connects and communicates about cancer and what the
disease is based about. This webpage helps us understand what structure our
presentation needs to be presented.


Australia, C. (2019). Cancer.org.au. Retrieved 10 March 2019, from

Name: Showaib Sarwary
Moussa Sarwary


This website specifically contains the information and connects to the

corresponding’s about HIV and what the diseases are established about. This
particular website helps us convey which format our presentation needs to be

Reference: HIV/AIDS: The Basics Understanding HIV/AIDS . (2019). AIDSinfo.

Retrieved 10 March 2019, from https://aidsinfo.nih.gov/understanding-hiv-
Name: Showaib Sarwary
Moussa Sarwary

Design Brief: (Explain what genetic disorder you have decided upon and why.
Explain in detail what you are going to do to solve the problem and how you are
going to do it)

Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21):

Problems of downs syndrome:

Down syndrome is disorder that is caused by genetic genes that are from the previous ancestors. Down
syndrome can be also be caused by having abnormal cell which results by the child being developed into
down syndrome in the mothers whom.

Solutions that could help a person that is suffering downs syndrome:

Educational therapy:

Is one of the solutions/treatments that can change a person’s live that if they are suffering from down

Physical therapy:

Physiotherapist helps increase muscle strength could increase posture and balance strength since they
who are suffering start to have problems like muscle pain, bone strengthening and etc. Physiotherapists
helps people such as people that suffer from downs syndrome, physiotherapists help avoid long term
injuries or permanent problems.

Speech language therapy:

Speech language therapist is a therapist that works on your communication skills and the way you use
you past, present and future. Learning how to communicate takes lots of effort for people who suffer
from downs syndrome since they don’t have a good memory and they are not able to pronounce things
probably. Speech language therapist also helps people by given lessons on how to communicate to
people just like a normal conversation you would have with your friend of sibling for e.g.

Occupational therapy:

Occupational therapists are great with helping people get on trach with normal everyday tasks such as
washing the dishes, vacuuming, getting dressed, eating, cleaning (in general), Mobile phones or any sort
of device and etc.

Emotional and behavioral therapy:

Emotional and behavioral therapist are responsible for helping people being less frustrated in different
scenarios, they focus on getting people to know what they are doing and actually figure out the type of
Name: Showaib Sarwary
Moussa Sarwary

problems they are going through. They also focus on helping kids which are hyper active and also have
mental health issues.