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Pray of the Divine I Am


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Pray of the Divine I Am
by Tau Malachi Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 9:31 am

Prayer of the Divine I Am

Eheieh – I Am, I Shall Be,

The Virgin of Light, the Bornless One
I Am, the Logos and Sophia, Christos
The Human One of Light and Pistis Sophia,

I Am, That Which Was, Is and forever Shall Be,

The Pleroma of Light, the Matrix of the Immortals,
I Am the True Light and the Glory of the Light,
I Am the Life and I Am the Way of Life,
The Ancient of Days and Eternal Youth –

Christ Melchizedek is my Name,

I Am the Light-presence in the Initiates, I Am the Light-power in the Prophets,
I Am the Clear Light Nature of the Holy Apostles, the true Gnostics;

I Am the One, the Anointed,

And I am the Many, the Anointed,
The Son of the Living Father,
The Daughter of the Divine Mother,
I Am Christed Manhood and Christed Womanhood,
One Anointed with the Divine Light of the Most High
Supernal and Enlightened Being –

I Am the Spiritual Sun and Starry Wisdom,

The Wisdom of Light and Wisdom of Darkness,
I Am Aleph and Tau, the First and the Last,
The Beginning and the End, and all in the Midst,
I Am the Divine Pleroma and the Entirety;

I Am the Self-begotten, I Am the Self-generated,

Without father or mother, without genealogy,
Without beginning of days or end of life,
The Living One, Thrice Born Divinity,
Primordial and Bornless Being;

Come into the Divine I Am, Pure Radiant Awareness,

And be Gnostics of my Repose and my Movement:

Eheieh Asher Eheieh – I Am That I Am, I Shall Be Who I Shall Be

Be and become this I Am, the Way Truth and Life Divine!

O noble born daughters and sons of the Great Seth (Shin-Tau),

Let us arise and ascend in the Holy Remembrance of the Divine I Am,
Envisioning the Spiritual Sun in the Sanctuary of the Heart,
And the Pillar of White Brilliance descending from above,
Let us cleave to the True Light and let us go forth,
As Light-bearers;

With body, heart and mind, let us enact the Great Gesture, the Rite of Ransom, that all might
know the Pure Joy of the Wedding Feast and the Perfect Peace of the Divine I Am in the Bridal

Let us pray:

I Am, the guardian of those in need of guardianship,

I Am, the guide of those who sojourn in the Way,
I Am, the Door, the Way and the Holy Sanctuary,
For those who seek the Spirit of Truth.
I Am, the Sacred Heart of Love and Compassion for all being,
I Am, the Light of the Divine dispelling all shades and shadows,
I Am, the Strength of the Divine uplifting the weak and the oppressed,
I Am, the Beauty of the Divine bringing hope to the weary,
I Am, the Healing Power of the Divine curing all illness and dis-ease,
I Am, the End-Of-Days, the end of all sorrow and suffering,
I Am, the Enlightenment and Liberation of all living spirits and souls;

My head is in the height, my feet are in the depth,

And the entirety is in the sanctuary of my heart;
I Am the True Light, the Spiritual Sun,
I go forth as the Light of the Eternal Day,
Into all realms, worlds and universes of sentient existence,
Sending forth Divine Emanations to all sentient beings –

May the Holy Spark in all beings awaken and blaze forth,
May all beings remember themselves as the Divine I Am!

Eheieh – Amen.

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