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Karunungan, Allyana Beatrice A.


Reflection Paper

Chapter 1 talks about common interest and leadership in general. This also open our minds
with the real meaning of fraternities, how to be a successful leader in a Benedictine way and
the purpose of the mission and vision of some organization. There is a stigma in our society
today that fraternity connotes negativity but if we look beyond that we would know that what
makes a fraternity is their common interest in a certain field or passion. St. Benedict
highlighted the importance of understanding their common interest and making sure that
they will live by their rule. Nowadays we would lose focus of what’s important and we would
sometimes break our own rules. St. Benedict made sure that the members will follow the
rules by reciting it in front of the whole community and by repeating it to themselves. I think
we must also do that by concentrating on our goals and making sure that we will not break
the promise we made. We would often ignore the mission statements whenever we would
pass by one but if we just read them we would know that mission statements are also
declarations of the common interest of the establishments. It is the promise of the
organization to its members. We would see that mission statements are very concise and