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1. Carlos brings some fruits to school today

This is the list of Carlos’s fruits
 3 Oranges
 4 Apples
 1 Banana
 4 Watermelons

Complete the blanks with correct answers

a. There are ……. Banana and apples altogether

b. Watermelon and ……. Have the same number of fruits
c. There are 1 fewer …… than Apples
d. There are 2 fewer …… than Oranges
e. Carlos brings ….. types of fruit
f. Make a table to show the information above

Name Of Book Number Of Book

2. Eline has some books in her room

Fill in the blanks

a. How many types of book Eline has?

b. Which book is the fewest ?

c. How many more Art and Craft book than IPS

book in the room?

d. How many books in Eline’s room altogether?

e. If Eline lost 3 math books how many math books

left now?
Reli Scie Sto
Math And IPS
gion nce ry

3. Ani, Adi, and Grace have 21 books altogether.

Grace has 3 more books than Ani.
Adi has the most books.
Then, they make a table to show the information.

Name Ani Adi Grace

Number Of book 10 6 7

They make two mistakes in the table. What are they ?

 __________________________________________________________________

 __________________________________________________________________

Now complete the following table to make the correct one

Name Ani Adi Grace

Number Of book

4. Make a pictogram using the following information

Dona, Jethro, and Michele have many pencils
Dona has 5 pencils
Jethro has 8 pencils
While, Michele has 7 pencils



1  stands for 1 pencil

Write down TRUE for the correct sentence and FLASE for the incorrect sentence
a. Jethro has 3 more pencils than Dona
b. Dona has 3 fewer pencils than Michele
c. Jethro gives 4 pencils to Michele. So Jethro has th least number of pencils
d. There are 20 pencils they have altogether
5. Color the blocks by looking at the picture

What you can tell from the paragraph ? ______________________________