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All Around The World Words & Music by Lisa Stansfield, Ian Devaney & Andrew Morris B “i I've got to let him know 4 —— SE = —— TH never give up looking for my baby. gl spd {©Copyright 989 Black And Gert Mas Limite ‘BMC Msi Publishing Laie AURghs Reeve Inertial Copyright Secure 10 T don't. know— when I don’t know why, why he’s gone_ a - way and I i don't know where he can be my ba = by ee eo (p= Sp SSS SS o = = << = him — Ooh. but I'm gonna find. tit LS (QJ— we had a quarrel | Werse 2 see block lyric) ee =a gS = SS x SSS 2 « va coup pn? cau Z = == = ride dese teste M4 ot U is so any tings, ings be id know end tat watch. at 2 ‘Bay FE © ss 2 Ds, Et HE —* SS —- 7 Tdon’t think he’s com - ing back. Poh ap cup He gave the rea - son, the rea ~ sons he—should go. ‘And he— said things 12