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Early Childhood Education

Learning Experience Template

Name: Lizzy Leach Lesson Title: Fossil Picture Match

Date: 3/19/2019 Grade Level: Preschool Circle one: ECE PKSN
Standard(s)/Guideline(s): Strand: Engagement and Persistence
Topic Persistence
Standard: Carry out tasks, activities, projects or experiences from beginning to end
Pre-assessment of current knowledge: Assess the students and find out if the students understand that pictures are representations of objects/things in real life.

Instructional Objectives (2-3) Assessment of Student Learning Learning Experience

Two- Three Assessed Identify Evidence: (What will you collect or record as data Academic Language:
Instructional Objective(s): The to demonstrate students have met your objective(s) and
student will be able to... skill?) -fossils
1. The students will be able -My classmate will take notes and record all of the correct -matching
to match pictures of a and incorrect matches that the students make.
fossil to a physical fossil. Procedural steps:
2. The students will be able
to identify the fossil within 1. The teacher will gather all the materials and students.
the picture. 2. Once the students are gathered, the teacher will
3. The students will be able place the pictures in front of the students.
to make the connect that 3. After the students are given the pictures, a teacher
the picture represents a will hold up the physical fossil.
real fossil. Program Monitoring: (How will you aggregate or compile 4. The students will be expected to find the picture that
your evidence into a class or group view?) represents the fossil the teacher is holding up.
5. Once the students are able to make the correct
-From the data, I will determine and decide whether or not match, the teacher will separate the matching picture
One Assessed Developmental the majority of the class was able to demonstrate and show and fossil from the remaining materials.
Skill: understanding towards the topic. If the majority of my 6. After the students successfully match all of the fossils
students seemed to show understanding, then I will be able to the pictures, the activity is completed.
to evaluate my lesson and instruction as effective. If there 7. Gather materials and clean up activity.
The students are cognitively able are a few students who seemed to have struggled
to make the connection that the understanding the content, it is my responsibility to adapt my
pictures are a representation of a instruction and find new ways to introduce the content to
real physical object (fossil). these students.
Early Childhood Education
Learning Experience Template

Authentic Materials: (Describe authentic real life, hands-on

Safety Considerations:
-Choking hazard: fossils -Pictures of fossils

Adult Roles:

-Explain the activity and expectations to the students

-Hold up the fossils and lead the students in the right direction
of picking out the correct picture that matches the fossil
-Redirect the student if making incorrect matches

Resources & References:

-Fossils from fossil kit that was purchased on amazon

-Images of specific fossils found on google and other websites

Reflection: (What have you learned about your students? How will this inform future instruction?)