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Chartwells-Thompson School Dining Services

10th Annual Duval Senior Scholarship Award

Chartwells-Thompson School Dining Services is a strategic partnership between Chartwells K12 and Thompson
Hospitality, the largest minority-owned foodservice company in North America. We have provided foodservice
management for Duval County Public Schools since June 2009.

A one-time $1,500 scholarship will be awarded to thirty students from a Duval County Public High School who plans
to continue on to post-secondary education: colleges, universities, technical or trade schools.

Scholarship Deadline:
The scholarship submission deadline is April 12, 2019. Scholarships post-marked after this date will be returned
to sender with no action taken.

Submit Application Via Email:


Submit Application by Mail:

ATTN: Asia Bey
Chartwells-Thompson School Dining Services
2924 Knights Lane East Building 5
Jacksonville, FL 32216

The scholarship is open to high school seniors who will graduate from a Duval County Public High School. 30 winners
will receive a one-time $1,500 scholarship to be applied towards their post-secondary education.

• Acceptance letter/proof of enrollment into a college, university, technical or trade school
• Submit a copy of official high school transcript
• Submit completed application
• Submit one of three essays (1000 words or less)

Please submit any questions to Asia.Bey@compass-usa.com

10th Annual Duval Student Scholarship Application
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Applicant Information

Full Name: Date:

Last First M.I.

Street Address Apartment/Unit #

City State ZIP Code

Phone: Email


High School: Address:

Current Student ID: ____________________________ GPA: ________________________

Secondary: Address:

Future Student ID: _____________________________

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Choose 1 of 3 Essay Topics:

1. When access to quality healthy food is limited, this area is considered a food desert. Food deserts can be found in
rural and urban neighborhoods throughout America. Retail supermarkets are scarce in these areas and convenience
stores are often prevalent, offering foods with limited nutritional value. Who do you think carries the responsibility of
solving the issue of food deserts in Duval County? If you had a funding source, how would you use the money to help
improve or solve the issue?

2. Student participation in school breakfast and lunch can decline with each passed grade level. Take a measurable
survey of at least 15 peers in your high school and provide 2-3 suggestions, based on the data collected, on how
Chartwells can improve their meal service program to encourage students to eat in the school cafe.

3. Leaders and community members in Duval provide pathways to success through youth mentorship. Community
activism plays a major role in positive change and thriving neighborhoods. How has club membership or involvement
with a community organization improved your leadership skills and how can student leaders impact the community?
You may use this form or attach a document separately.

Full Name: Date:

Last First M.I.

Essay # chosen: ________

Additional space if needed: