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This is a listing of the settings that I used to make my DC-03 work under Mach3 when used with a 1.

spindle and a Huanyang VFD.

The first list is the connections between the C10 breakout board and the DC-03 board

C10 pin Wire colour DC-03

Pin power in - 5 volts (in from power supply) Red +5V
Pin 16 - Brown RL2
Gnd (Next to pin 17) Green / Yellow Gnd
Pin 17 Blue Sig
Pin 1 White RL1

Wire colours are not important. They are just for my own records.

Second list is the connections between the DC-03 and the VFD’s green connection block.

DC-03 Wire colour VFD

AGnd Black ACM
Vout Blue VI
AV+ Red 10V
NC1 Not connected Not connected
CM1 Brown DCM
NO1 Yellow For
NC2 Not connected Not connected
CM2 White DCM
NO2 Green REV

Notes: The connections from CM1 and CM2 really only need one wire to the DCM on the VFD and a
wire jumper between the CM1 and CM2 connections on the DC-03 would be sufficient to connect them

Tables for Mach3

Go to the Mach3 Config/Ports and Pins pages

Motor outputs tab:

Enabled Step/Dir Dir pin # Dir low active Step low active Step port Dir port

Spindle  17 0   1 1
Output signals tab:

Enabled Port # Pin number Active low

Enable 1  1 1 
Output #1  1 16 
Output #2  1 1 
Spindle setup tab:

Relay control:
Clockwise (M3) Output # 1
CCW (M4) Output # 2

Motor control:

 Use spindle motor output

 PWM control

PWM base frequency 50

Minimum PWM 0%

Special functions:
CW delay spin up 2 seconds

CCW delay spin up 2 seconds

CW delay spin down 2 seconds

CCW delay spin down 2 seconds

P= 0.80 I= 0.25 D=0.25

 Immediate relay off before delay
VFD PD changes for external control:

PD number Set to number Used for

000 0 Parameter lock

001 1 Source of commands

002 1 Source of operating frequency (Sped control source)

003 400 Main frequency

004 400 Base frequency

005 400 Maximum operating frequency

006 2.5 Intermediate frequency

008 220 Maximum voltage

009 15 Intermediate voltage

010 8 Minimum voltage

011 120 Frequency lower limit

027 3 Starting frequency (as per seafurymike PDF)

028 3 Stopping frequency (as per seafurymike PDF)

070 2 Set control voltage to 0 - 5v (see note)

072 400 Lower analog frequency bias

141 220 Rated motor voltage

142 7 Rated motor current

143 2 Number of motor poles

144 3000 Rated motor revolutions

When the control voltage has been set to 5 volts it will be necessary to adjust the trim pot on
the DC-03. Tell Mach to spin the motor at 12000 rpm (S12000) and then turn on the spindle (M3). From
there, it is a simple thing to look at the output display on the VFD and adjust the trim pot until the VFD
display agrees with the Mach display. Check that it also close at other speeds as well