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This is how I approach the UCC and the BC "Contract" ...

and it ain't done until you can enforce your

"treaty" ... that simple.

"Delivery includes surrender and acceptance, and both are necessary to its completion. This must be the
result of a contract — the meeting of two minds, the accord of two wills. The grantor must be willing and
agree to deliver, and the grantee must be willing and consent to receive and this accord of wills must be
evidenced in some way, to show the unequivocal intention of both parties that the instrument shall take
effect according to its purport and tenor." … 15 Idaho at 228-229, 96 P. at 938 (emphasis added)


the UCC-3 assignment is the SURRENDER of consideration under PUBLIC OFFERING CONTRACT

The PUBLIC OFFERING CONTRACT? 50 USC 4305(b)(2) which combines the War Risk Insurance Act of
1914, Bank Conversion Act of 1933, and First War Powers Act of 1941; and one invokes this POLICY
pursuant to Law of Nations, U.S. Constitution, and International Treaty via Hague Articles 43 and 55 to
secure the peace and dignity of the State. [Think Malachi 3:7-11]

TOGETHER UCC-1 + UCC-3 = "the accord of wills [that] must be evidenced in some way" showing that
"the grantor (ie: Act of God: the man) must be willing and agree to deliver,” and “the grantee (ie: United
States treasury) must be willing and consent to receive" (ie: Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ie:
50 USC 4305(b)(2)) to COMPLETE delivery as delivery can not be done at birth because that would be
involuntary servitude and usufruct is a “personal servitude”

Thus the UCC Filing does complete the negotiation of the purchase initiated at birth by delivery of the
interest so purchased to "show the unequivocal intention of both parties that the instrument (ie: NAME
+ SSN = Instrumentality for the United States (ie: Vessel); just like one is an instrument (ie: Vessel) for
God) shall take effect according to its purport and tenor." (ie: INTENT = beneficial purpose: Article 43 of
the Hague: read page 13: Essential Task: Restore Public order and safety (nation building 101)) and then
also look at Law of Nations Book 1:

§ 191. Attacking the glory of a nation is doing her an injury.

Since the glory of a nation is a real and substantial advantage, she has a right to defend it, as well as her
other advantages. He who attacks her glory does her an injury; and she has a right to exact of him, even
by force of arms, a just reparation. We cannot, then condemn those measures, sometimes taken by
sovereigns to support or avenge the dignity of their crown. [think: Trump] They are equally just and
necessary. If, when they do not proceed from too lofty pretensions, we attribute them to a vain pride, we
only betray the grossest ignorance of the art of reigning: and despise one of the firmest supports of the
greatness and safety of a state. [think: those that fight Trump]

§ 192. Protection.
WHEN a nation is not capable of preserving herself from insult and oppression, she may procure the
protection of a more powerful state. If she obtains this by only engaging to perform certain articles, as
to pay a tribute in return for the safety obtained, — to furnish her protector with troops, — and to
embark in all his wars as a joint concern, — but still reserving to herself the right of administering her
own government at pleasure, — it is a simple treaty of protection, that does not all derogate from her
sovereignty, and differs not from the ordinary treaties of alliance, otherwise than as it creates a
difference in the dignity of the contracting parties.

§ 193. Voluntary submission of one nation to another.

But this matter is sometimes carried still farther; and, although a nation is under an obligation to
preserve with the utmost care the liberty and independence it inherits from nature, yet when it has not
sufficient strength of itself, and feels itself unable to resist its enemies, it may lawfully subject itself to a
more powerful nation on certain conditions agreed to by both parties: and the compact or treaty of
submission will thenceforward be the measure and rule of the rights of each. For, since the people
who enter into subjection resign a right which naturally belongs to them, and transfer it to the other
nation, they are perfectly at liberty to annex what conditions they please to this transfer; and the
other party, by accepting their submission on this footing, engages to observe religiously all the
clauses of the treaty.

§ 196. These compacts annulled by the failure of protection.

When a nation has placed itself under the protection of another that is more powerful, or has even
entered into subjection to it with a view to receiving its protection, — if the latter does not effectually
protect the other in case of need, it is manifest, that, by failing in its engagements, it loses all the rights
it had acquired by the convention, and that the other, being disengaged from the obligation it had
contracted, re-enters into the possession of all its rights, and recovers its independence, or its liberty. It
is to be observed that this takes place even in cases where the protector does not fail in his
engagements through the want of good faith, but merely through inability. For, the weaker nation
having submitted only for the sake of obtaining protection, — if the other proves unable to fulfil that
essential condition, the compact is dissolved; — the weaker resumes its rights, and may, if it thinks
proper, have recourse to a more effectual protection. Thus, the dukes of Austria, who had acquired a
right of protection, and in some sort a sovereignty over the city of Lucerne, being unwilling or unable to
protect it effectually, that city concluded an alliance with the three first cantons; and the dukes having
carried their complaint to the emperor, the inhabitants of Lucerne replied, "that they had used the
natural right common to all men, by which every one is permitted to endeavour to procure his own
safety when he is abandoned by those who are obliged to grant him assistance."
Thus, no proof of claim = attacking the glory of the nation by CONTRACTORS of the nation thus depriving
its "citizens" (see: Lieber Coder Article 7) of protection which gives rise to the RIGHT to secure their own
protection by surrender of the usufructuary interest to the Treasury under 50 USC 4305(b)(2) in order to
invoke “national security protections” as put into place by Congress under its duty at Article 1 Section 8,
because attacking the glory of the nation is to wage war against her and her citizens; thus lack of proof
of claim is an offense against the law of nations for that is an attack on the glory of the nation due to the
constitutional deprivations of moving forward without proof of claim

Attack the glory of the nation = deprive glory to God for the Law is Romans 13, thus to attack the glory
of the nation is to war against God for "For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are
ordained of God." ... the Birth Certificate is a GRANT of Hospitality by the LORD of Hosts, thus
provides PERFECT SECURITY (Law of Nations, Book 2 article 104)

Comprehend the usufruct and understand the "surrender of the usufruct" is the "suit of one's livery" to
regain one's nobility (no bill-ability) and the UCC-1 an UCC-3 assignment of the usufruct also establishes
"a simple treaty of peace" ...

therefore, all that matters are now "proof of claim" because your interests and the State's interests are
now ONE and “where one goes, we all go” and "proof of claim" activates the National Security
Apparatus because "there is nothing to hinder [one] from defending [the Nation] against pirates or
robbers, against the ravages of an inundation, or the devastations of fire. Can [one] pretend to live under
the protection of a state, to participate in a variety of advantages that it affords, and yet make no
exertion for its defense, but remain an unconcerned spectator of the dangers to which the citizens are
exposed?” (Law of Nations, Book 2 Article 104-105)…

By operating thru the Agency Provided (NAME), secured as Agent (Last, First Middle), one can effectively
don the mantle of BOUNTY-HUNTER under Amendment XIV to ensure the “public debt obligation not be
questioned” and EXACTLY what is the “public debt obligation?”

Performance upon the usufructuary duties by “the United States”:as defined under 50 USC 4704, and if
those CONTRACTORS do not perform, then the matter is then removed to United States Court of Claims
for a suit against United States under the Tucker Act of 1887 for enforcement because every single one
of the took an oath that:

"This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all
Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States shall be the supreme
Law of the Land; , and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or
Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding and the Senators and Representatives before
mentioned [in the Constitution], and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and
judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or
Affirmation, to support this Constitution" (Constitution Article VI, section 2 and 3)

which means ….

the FEDERAL LAW is the supreme law of the land when applied in defense of constitutional liberties by
way of Simple Treaty of Protection under the Law of Nations of which is protected and enforced under
Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States for the Simple Treaty is the RESULT of the
EXERCISE of one's Unlimited Right to Contract by acceptance of the Public Offering under 50 USC
4305(b)(2) which means one is owed "acquittance and discharge from further obligation" and the
INSURANCE-POLICY is "no person shall be held liable in any court for anything done or omitted in good
faith while in reliance upon this statute (50 USC 4305(b)(2))"

(now for the rinse and repeat ....)

and to violate FEDERAL LAW is to attack the glory of the nation which is doing her an injury and now we
have the right to seek out any protections we wish and the UCC-1 and UCC-3 does just that which is the
result of a CONTRACT ….

50 USC 4305(b)(2)

That is the public offering wherein "Any payment, conveyance, transfer, assignment, or delivery of
property or interest therein, made to or for the account of the United States" is the CONSIDERAITON

which gives rise to "proof of claim" when dealing with "trading" because "to trade" means (a)Pay,
satisfy, compromise, or give security for the payment or satisfaction of any debt or obligation. (b)Draw,
accept, pay, present for acceptance or payment, or indorse any negotiable instrument or chose in
action. (c)Enter into, carry on, complete, or perform any contract, agreement, or obligation. (d)Buy or
sell, loan or extend credit, trade in, deal with, exchange, transmit, transfer, assign, or otherwise dispose
of, or receive any form of property. (e)To have any form of business or commercial communication or
intercourse with.

so, if one does not do proof of claim, how does one know one is NOT about "to trade" with an "enemy"
(unauthorized beneficiary) of what is about "to trade" for now the interest "in trade" is not yours but
PLEDGED to another and you are the trustee to ensure the beneficiary receive its beneficial interest of
the "bargain" (Contract) and the beneficiary now becomes the trustee to ensure you receive the benefit
of the duties of the usufructuary in order the usufructuary/trustee receive the "profits"

Thus creating the TRUST wherein one is beneficiary of acquittance and discharge from any further
obligation because that is the PAYMENT of the TRADE one makes with the United States in exchange for
protections under a simple treaty of peace because the State Actors and Contractors ("the United States
(50 USC 4704)) failed in their duty to protect what they consider citizens (Lieber Code Article 7) from
"domestic violence" which then violates Article IV Section 4 of which is GUARANTEED by the United

(more rinse and repeat)

The UCC-1 and UCC-3 is the CONSIDERATION OFFERED in acceptance of the GUARANTEE extended by
way of CONTRACT under 50 USC 4305(b)(2) which then grants reciprocal interest in return: "acquittance
and discharge from further obligation," to the PERSON granting the CONSIDERATION by way of
operation of law, thus ACCEPTANCE by the United States occurs upon the ACTION by the GRANTOR of

The GRANTOR of the ACCEPTED-CONSIDERATION has offered the GRANTEE the benefit-of-the-bargain;
the GRANTEE becomes the GRANTOR of the RETURN-CONSIDERATION to the GRANTOR of the
TRUSTEE to ensure the TRANSFER occurs? You are, by the natural operation of the Law.

because Article 1 Section 10 clause 1 does GUARANTEE that the right to contract shall not be infringed;
Federal Law Title 42, section 1981 assures it as second witness, and 1983 ensures there is ALWAYS
recourse and thus if anyone stands in your way, they deprive another of the intangible right to receive
honest services in violation of Federal Law Title 19, section 1346, for they ALL took oath that "This
Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all
Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States … shall be the
supreme Law of the Land" and 50 USC 4305 is a CONTRACT, TRUST, and INSURANCE POLICY all rolled up
into A SIMPLE TREATY OF PROTECTION under the authority of the United States through the Law of
Nations under United States duty to define and punish offenses against the Law of Nations and "For
whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all." (James 2:10)

You have to be willing to suffer the same fate as the apostles for these WORKS and operate with
unwavering FAITH, for these CONTRACTORS are going to work against you at every stage; just like they
do with Trump … therefore, if you keep with the notion of protecting the public trust; like Trump is
doing, you can lead these CONTRACTORS right into the trap; just like Trump is doing with them.

Trump is above, acting on that level; we are below, acting locally and all working towards the same
goals; dancing in harmony with the will of our Father who art in Heaven and it is just amazing !!!!

and sometimes I feel like Trump’s team is watching; reading, because many of the things he says and
does appears to have come right from the pages of this site ... but that could just be my ego. But if they
are, then ...

Anyhow, grab your bucket of popcorn, perch yourself on high and enjoy the show; all heaven is about to
break loose !!!