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Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea.

What prompted
your thinking? What was the outcome? [Revised]

Word limit:650

“Stick and Stones may break my bones but words

will never hurt me” is a common phrase I heard growing
up. This is a phrase I once believed because I was taught
that individuals should be strong enough to ignore the
hateful words and comments they hear from fellow
peers. This belief I had was inaccurate. I discovered that
words and individuals actions have a powerful effect on
the human brain and can actually hurt someone to the
point of death.
I never thought that one day could change my whole
perspective on life. It was during my swim meet when my
family was told the news. My parents decided to wait till
after my meet was over with to tell me what had
happened. My uncle had passed away; his death wasn’t
natural or an accident. My uncle had committed suicide. I
was shocked to hear this news. I always remembered my
uncle smiling and being the life of the party. However my
family and I didn’t know what was going on in his brain
or life.
My uncle’s suicide challenged my idea of family.
Families are the people you can trust and receive love
from. A person’s family should know whether or not they
are okay. It disappointed me that my family could not tell
that my uncle was suffering. My grandparents had the
concept that men have to be strong and they couldn’t
show their feelings to others. I believe this concept is
what led my uncle to keep his feeling in. It amazed me
that my uncle didn’t feel comfortable with sharing his
emotional pain with his own parents. My family failed at
their job to be a support system to my uncle and this
disheartened me.
Similarly my belief of God was challenged. I was
raised in a Christian home my whole life. I went to church
three times a week. My uncles suicide made me question
how the God I could believe in allowed my uncle to suffer
through psychological pain. I really had to consider my
beliefs and realize the significance of pain. I learned that
everyone has a choice. Every individual has a choice on
how to handle their pain and suffering. Individuals can
handle it by themselves or receive help and support.
The moment I realized that one’s persons actions
can affect another individual is at my uncles funeral.
Before his funeral I have never seen my father cry and on
that day my father was bailing. Seeing my father’s
reactions made me realize that my father could possibly
face the same sufferings. Having a close eye on my
father I discovered his anger rose significantly after his
brother’s death. My father was mad at the world and this
terrified me because I didn’t want my father dealing with
psychological sufferings.
The result of my uncle’s suicide made me realize that
words and actions of others have heavy effects on
individuals. A person never knows how an individual
interprets words or actions. My uncle’s death challenged
my belief on family and religion. However it clarified the
concept that words hurt and that individuals always need
to be aware of the things they say and the actions they
complete. Suicidal thoughts are real and effect many
individuals in the world. I am currently striving to be
aware of my own actions and words because I do not
want to be the cause of someone pain and suffering.