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Dana Spicer

Trailer Axles
Information Bulletin
Bulletin Type: Information
Topic: TIMS Product Updates

Affected Models: TIMS equipped axles

• TIMS ECU integrated with TABS6 ECU
– Same benefits as stand-alone TIMS: Reduced tire wear & failure, improved fuel economy and
– Less components, fewer connections and reduced wiring for simplified installation and service
– PLC based communications (no 6-pin diagnostic connector needed)
• Pneumatic Control Unit (PCU)
– Molded body with integral solenoid connector
– Push to connect fittings for simplified installation and service
– Uses new bracket
• Wire Harness
– Over-molds provide increased environmental protection to key electrical connections
• Tire hose assembly and guard
– Tee guard protects connection at hubcap
– Improved abrasion resistance
– Check valve located at tire stem to prevent tire leak down due to a damaged tire hose
• Dana Diagnostic Tool (DDT)
– User friendly PC Based diagnostics & troubleshooting application
– Also allows user to set or change tire pressure target
– Requires RP1210A compatible interface box
– Can be downloaded from Roadranger Website

For spec’ing or service assistance, call 1-800-826-HELP (4357) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
(Mexico: 8-332-1515). Or visit our web site at: http://www.roadranger.com
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