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Im assuming u know how to draw shear walls in ETABS :P,

Make sure u have defined a wall as shell thin.

Step 1 : Define Pier labels for every wall in the plan,for instance name a wall as pier 1.

Step 2: Select the wall defined as pier 1 and mesh it as required.

Step 3: Now after meshing the pier go to base plan and select the nodes of Pier 1 and
assign the supports as fixed

Step 4: Analyse the structure once.

Step 5: unlock model again.

Step 6: Add Shear wall load combinations.

Step 6:Now select the wall that has to be designed,say Pier 1

Step 7:Go to Shear wall Design Select view revise pier overwrites and select C & T
method if u are designing the Shear wall to take Axial Forces & Moments.
If u designing Shear wall of uniform thickness no need of defining Boundary
elements in ETABS 2013 onwards as it calculates itself, provides reinforcement for
entire shear wall considering Axial load and moment.

Fig 1. Shear wall with Boundary elements

Step 8: Now design the wall to get reinforcement, Etabs displays 2 reinforcements
one is for compression Zone and another for tension Zone.

Step 9: After getting Reinforcement say u got 4000 Sqmm for Compression and
4500 Sqmm for Tension zone. on safet side i consider 4500asmm as my
reinforcement to be provided.

Now provide obtained reinforcement in 2 boundary elements,lenght of boundary

elements can be obtained in the calculation report generated for the pier.
Divide obtained reinforcement to provide in boundary elements.say wall length is 4m
& Boundary element length is 1m
ie 4500/2=2250 provide 12 bars of 16 dia in both boundary elements and minimum
reinforcement in the middle.

Fig 2. For representation purpose only

If you want to design a wall just as a reinforced wall design the wall as uniform

for detailing go through IS 13920 latest version,codes specifies a min thickness of

150mm for shear walls.