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Alaa kamal Ali Hassan Elbehery

CONTACT Egypt E-mail: alaa.kamal83@yahoo.com

Alexandria - Hanouvile Phone: +201015054764

WORK EXPERIENCE Bugcrowd October 2016 - Present

VIP Bug hunter

Information technology institute August 2017 - September 2017

Application security instructor
Application security course for undergrads

Shieldfy July 2018 - Present

Cyber security engineer
- Building security rules for the SDK
- Performing penetration testing for some clients
- Writing academic researches about security vulnerabilities

CTF player
Currently one of the top 50 teams on ctftime.org

QUALIFICATIONS - Good experienced in web development using PHP

- Good experience in Javascript

- Good experience in designing SQL databases

- Great experience in building security tools in python

- Good experience in using Docker

- Great experience in REGEX using different engines

- Great experience in finding and exploiting security issues in web applications

- Basic experience in Reverse engineering

- Basic experience in Binary exploitation

- Basic experience in Cryptography

- Good Math skills (Current Math II student)

- Great understanding of HTTP protocol

- Average experience in digital forensics

- Good experience in API penetration testing

EDUCATION Egyptian general secondary July 2017 - July 2018
school certificate (Mathematics
Hassan ebn-thabet school
Total marks percentage : 97.68%
Equivalent grade : A+

Preparatory engineering courses October 2018 - Present

Faculty of engineering - Alexandria university

ACHIEVEMENTS - 2nd place at Neverlan CTF 2019

- 1st place at the arab security cyber wargames 2018

- 5th place at the national cyber security CTF (cybertalents)

- Listed in Ford hall of fame

- Listed in Adobe hall of fame

- Listed in Bitdefender hall of fame

- Listed in Netgear hall of fame

- Listed in Okta hall of fame

- Listed in Typeform hall of fame

- Listed in puppet hall of fame

- Listed in Gratipay hall of fame

- Listed in Mobidea hall of fame

- Listed in Indeed hall of fame

- Listed in Bugcrowd hall of fame

- Listed in Constant contact hall of fame

- Listed in StatusPage.io hall of fame

- Listed in Truecar hall of fame

- Listed in Workable hall of fame

- Listed in Gogo air hall of fame

INTERESTS - Computer security

- Astrophysics

-Social dynamics
- Anatomy

- Mathematics

REFERENCES References available upon request.