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Emily McGann

Paper and Reflective Statement for Professional Teaching Standard #3

Professional Teaching Standard 3: Diversity

Evidence should include adaptations of instruction to meet the needs of learners and the

incorporation of cultural context within the community.

1. Fully state the standard in bold text. Then write a paragraph explaining your knowledge and

understanding of that standard—put the standard into your own words.

I believe this standard refers to teachers understanding the wide range of needs in their

classroom and addressing those needs with modifications and accommodations. Teachers cannot

teach all students the same thing and expect the same result. There is a difference between

teaching students equally and teaching students in ways that they can all learn. English Language

Learners, students with diagnosed and undiagnosed special needs, and students who just learn in

different ways all need specialized instruction. The changes and assistance does not have to be

large alterations, but they need to be incorporated into the lesson in a way that students can

benefit from them. Explicitly stating what seems to be a “given” and building student’s

background knowledge is important to keep students familiar with the cultural context of

material. Teachers need to make modifications and accommodations for students within their

lessons to enhance the learning.

2. Explain how the artifact you chose demonstrates your understanding and application of the


My classroom arrangement on the SMART software demonstrates my understanding of

this standard in the layout of my classroom and evidence of learning centers. There is a science

learning center, library center, and a writing center for the students to work. While those centers
are stocked with manipulatives and materials used in those content areas, the centers may be

utilized for work in other subject areas, such as Math and Social Studies. I try to make my lesson

interdisciplinary, so the centers can reflect that as well by being used for multiple purposes.

Having these centers not only allows the class to be broken into leveled and different groupings,

but it provides space for students to work individually and quietly if need be or have extra space

for working if they need it. The classroom arrangement provides different centers for students to

learn and space for groups to work on different tasks at their ability level.

3. A If the artifact has been used in your practice, reflect on how your teaching will change in

the future to further meet the standard.

B. If the artifact has not been used in your practice, i.e., a class assignment, reflect upon how

your teaching will be impacted by the assignment.

My teaching will have a lot more individualized instruction and goals for students with

the availability of centers for groups. I will have to do more planning to accommodate for the

needs of my diverse group of students, but I will have more individualized instruction to make

all students are all to make progress and succeed in their studies. I will have more individual,

hands-on inquiry for my students rather than large group lessons and discussions because the

students may be working on different tasks. There will be whole discussion on the big ideas from

concepts, so all students understand the general purpose for their task and can see how

everything is interconnected. I will have a lot more individualized instruction with this classroom


4. Conclude with a paragraph discussing how you are more prepared to Teach and Learn in a

Diverse Society as a result of satisfactorily meeting the standard.

I am more prepared to teach and learn in a diverse society because I have demonstrated
my understanding of the need for differentiated instruction in my use of learning centers and

have researched the different ways a successful fourth grade classroom is arranged. These

investigations and plan to differentiate my classroom show my intent to provide for the diverse

needs of my students. I will probably modify my plans as I gain more experience with upper

elementary students. I realized that each student has different needs than the next student and I

will work to provide each student the support they need.