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The body of the sponge is made up of jelly-

like substance that is supported by a thin

layer of cells on either side sponge have no
organs and obtain their nutrition from the Their skeleton is made of tiny, needle-like
water that is continuously flowing through splinters or a mesh of protein called
them. Sponge are hermaphrodites which spongin. They have no segmentation.
means that they have both male and female Sponges contains long lash like appendages
reproductive organs. They lack true tissues called flagella.
but are composed of many different cell

Sponges have characteristics that made them

unique theses are:
Sponges are multicellular. They
Choanocytes - these are cells that are lined up in are known to be diploblast which
the chamber within the canals.
means having two layers of cells.
KINGDOM: Animalia
Totipotent - are cells that could give rise to
reproductive cells or other types of cells of the
Most sponge are asymmetrical,
PHYLUM: Porifera
organisms though some of them exhibit
CLASS: Demospongiae
Ostia- these are tiny force that covers the sponge radial symmetry.
Plasticity - they are the ultimate plastic beings
SIZE: 1cm- 3m (0.4 in- 118 in)


LIFE SPAN: 13-30 years

MAIN PREY: Bacteria, Phyto, plankton, nutrients in water

SPECIAL FEATURES: Brightly colored and non-moving