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Critical Analysis

The paper which I selected to write the review is related to recruitment and
retention of library staff for managerial post in Vietnam.
This paper covers the issue of Asian countries organization of retaining their
qualified staff which has not done before. It also give some recommendation how
to keep the trained and qualified employed in order to upgrade the organization
specially libraries.
Worker enrolment and preservation are playing a progressively significant
character in Supporting institute and particular competence. It will price time
and cash to apprentice and train fresh applicants for social control points
if appropriate applicants leave from the library.
In relations of workers achievement, it's attention-grabbing that
diverse philosophies have totally different principles to intern workers.
In some advance countries applicant with different jobs in resume considered
as a good applicant for the firm because switching different jobs indicates
applicant’s power of accepting challenges.
In Vietnam those applicant recruits on priority basis who worked voluntarily in
remote areas. Employee has to work at least 2 to 4 years in organization in
which the employer allows them to study further. Or in another scenario an
applicant should have at least five years of job experience while applying in
other province
There is a trend of giving high end training to the staff in advances countries
as well as local ones. But after get professionally trained these candidates
move to other high paid organizations who offer them better position. This
trend is alarming for government as well as the policymaker in Vietnam.

Vietnamese libraries and knowledge centers don't seem to

be excluded. Specifically, once the take into account coaching and continued
education is proscribed, the library recruiters pay a lot of attention to the
candidates’ commitment to lifespan employment.
This paper conducts that worker achievement for social control positions in
Vietnamese libraries is especially from among the organization.

The purpose of this study is to retain trained and qualified employees to the
organizations and libraries. Addition to this they share different experiences in
order to give suggestions to them how they can keep their trained employees
to their organization in order to get progression. This is for educational and
community use libraries.

The theory used in this research is transformational leadership theory introduced
by Burns and then extended by Bass. For this paper they took 13 community
libraries and 4 educational libraries in Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Multi method case
study approach is used for this paper.
This research indicated that staff recruitment in Vietnam for higher and
managerial position is normally preferred from within the organization. There are
many factors that affect the retaining of staff; one of them is high salary.
Organizations offer good salary package for highly trained employees from
different companies. Though progression planning is itself a very motivated way
to keep the trained employed within the organization who would love to make
their career and get promoted. But for those who got attracted with high salary
packages from different organization they bonuses is one of the solutions for such
Another solution to the problem is that employees can be allowed to work as a
part time job outside the library for example teaching languages or subjects, work
as a trainer or software developer on any other companies for extra pay. But they
have to pay some present of their income to the library in order to share their pay
with those employees who worked for them when they were out for their part-
time job.
In addition to this they can offer extra work for their employees with in the library
such as photocopying, canteen and coffee shop, handling and rental of
conference room etc. so their employees can have part time job within their
organizations and this leads to retention of their employees.

So finally at the end it is concluded that mainly the managerial post are recruited
from inside the same organization in order to retain and engage the trained
employees. This paper supports this idea of hiring within the organization but
they have to adopt few steps so that their trained employees will prefer to stay in
same organization rather than attracted by other high salaried systems.

They have also suggested that this research should be done on higher scale in
order to get more accurate information about how to recruit and retain the
potential employees.