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1. Examine the situation below. Explain why a memo should/should not be used.
A. Job application to the office of the personnel responding to an advertisement.

B. Chief Executive Officer in the Personnel Department to Head of Personnel Department

with short informal report.

C. Department head to his staff inviting them to his wedding.

D. Committee Chairperson on his members calling them for an emergency meeting.

2. Revise the following paragraph to include the first sentence and at least 4 items.
We are trying to improve our budget performance and therefore there is a need for the
company to control on expenditures. To make this possible, the following is proposed:

 that all concerned should submit a quarterly statement expenditures,

 foreign business trips should be limited to at least 2 per year depending upon the
urgency and availability of funds,
 and recycling of office material is urged.