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Gregorio E.

Baccay III, DPA

Think Out Loud

Email: gregbaccay@gmail.com

Failure is important for success

Charles Barkley once said that “If we are afraid of failure we don't deserve to be
successful!”. And he was right. We can’t become a successful person unless we go through
a set of failures. Last week, I have read an article underscoring the importance of failure for
success. The article made me reflect on how failure impact success. Oftentimes we want
success rather than failure. We want winning than losing. We want to be first rather than to
be last. These are realities that we face everyday. However, we did not realize that failing
is as good as winning. Here are the reasons why according to Garden Marshall:

1. It teaches us a lot of things - When we are successful right from the start, we
never get to learn something. We just do what we want to do and hope it is the right path.
Unfortunately, this won’t help us learn a lot in the long run. Failure, on the other hand, can
be a great teacher. It let us know that we are not always right and thanks to it, we will be
able to reach our true potential!

2. We open up the door to new possibilities - If we fail, we can always build up

what failed but make it a success using our lessons from failure. Once we do this, we can
create new possibilities and take our ideas to new heights.

3. It makes us more courageous - When we fail, we know that we can go downward.

We just go up from there, with all the lessons we learned from our failures. It can be a great
experience for us, and the value will be fantastic due to that reason alone. We also get to
be stronger, and we learn how to deal with failure. This helps create a better character, and
it toughens us up in the way towards success.

4. It gives us a new way to think - Once we fail, we know that there are other better
ways to think. We get to be more open minded, and in the end, the results can be worth it.
We also get to learn some coping skills, and these will provide us with a much better way
to handle stressful situations. It’s not easy to go through a failure, but the benefits we get
from it can be very well worth it.

5. We get to be perseverant - Perseverance is key, but we won’t get it until we fail.

Yes, failure teaches us perseverance, and it shows us that we should never give up until
we reach our goals. It can be a long winded road at times, but it can also be very rewarding.

Finally, without failing, we believe that there’s only a single path to success. However,
once we fail, we get to receive a new perspective on things. And since we take everything
from scratch, we will find it kind of interesting to experiment and try out new stuff! Yes, failure
helps create character, and it will make us more successful in the end. All billionaires failed
before reaching success, so we have to keep that in mind. Let us not be afraid of failure,
instead we embrace it and be impressed with the results in the end!