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Master in Computer Applications Technology


Statement of Purpose/Research Purposal

Applicant: Mohd Irfan Husain E-mail: irfanhusain901@gmail.com

I introduce myself as a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU),
Aligarh, India. I use this opportunity to elucidate my career objectives and give in the quintessence of my
educational background.

Purpose of study and Professional plans:

Excellence in any sphere of the life can be achieved through determination, hard work, perseverance
and dedication. As I have always thirst of quality education and research work which made me most
appealing to vast my expertise which can be utilize in the interest of my country and for the human
beings of the world. Similarly, on believing continuous learning process can sharpen my research work
and field. Having this approach in the mind add me the idea of further exploration in the subject area
and leads me for further innovation which exists in this field. Yet, lack of in-depth knowledge of the
subject leaves the conceptual skills incomplete. The nature of undergraduate course offer the scope for
individual expression and rapidly advancing technology necessitates mastery of particular area. It is in
this content I would like to pursue a course that not only supplement the knowledge that I possess but
also provide strong foundation to my research-oriented study.

Human Computer Interaction(HCI) and programming languages program have always been of my prime
interest me ever since I was a graduate student. The quest of making computer perceives their
environmental and interacts with it like intelligent beings, led me deep into the subject of programming
and databases which ultimately become my core area of specialization. I took advance courses in
database management system, web development and advance programming which greatly enhance my
knowledge of the field. Having research aptitude and good programming skills, I completed several
related projects. I hope to carry on my zest for the field and pursue master degree in related areas of
computer application technology.

In my graduate program my goal is to expand my mental horizons, detail understanding of latest tools
and technology adopted by engineering, with the time, I also want to learn technical managerial as well
as behavioral aspects of the field to work in higher position. I strongly feel that master’s program will
inculcate a strong programming, quality assurance and testing components in my knowledge, so as to
raise the level of excellence in my work. I came to know that an academic experience is must to have
component for growth in global field of software engineering, as well as to make a mark in professional
career. From use of sophisticated tools to advance theories, MS will teach me all that I need to know to
enhance my academic experience and qualification.
My Educational background and achievements:

Since my school days, I have been interested in Computer Science and new technologies research. My
scholastic record has been meritorious right through school and higher secondary education so I have
done Pre-engineering in post-secondary education with in touch with computer field. After completing
my higher education with having first division I got admission in the top IT rank 1st University COMSATS
institute of Technology (CIIT) Pakistan. With such dreams and visions that today we stand at the
milestone of the success. The sweeping changes in the technological world and computer have made
the role of computer science engineer a really indispensable one. It has been my deepest desire to be a
part of this rapidly burgeoning community. My strong penchant towards programming languages like C,
C++ etc which was taught in my high school and also the versatility of the computers and my basic
interest in the field of programming motivated me to take computer science and engineering as my
major in undergraduate program. My years as an undergraduate have influenced me the most.
Academically I have matured a lot during this period. It was here that I understood the need to put
theory into practice and most importantly to innovate in face of immense hurdles. During the course of
study my encounters with software engineering, software testing methodologies, web designing and
development, and database management system have been extremely enlightening.

As an undergraduate student at CIIT, I worked with Mr. Supervisor Name, Professor in the department
of Computer science and software engineering at CIIT, on the web based website to develop the “ Video
mailing for Illiterates user” We develop this web application to facilitate the technology based illiterates
where the user guided through “Audio Assistant” from creating Account to send video mail to other.
Our objectives was to make a video mail application system that will focus on computing applications
for socio- economic development of underserved communities. User can use only a mouse for that
application because the was no text and no ID to remember except the picture and pin code. In addition
to my current position I am very active in web designing, development and database management
system. The joy of learning these subjects under the excellent Professors is unsurpassable. My
inclination towards graduate studies gain foot during my second year of under graduation, during which
many of the people told me about the opportunities we have by doing master and research programs
offered by the universities.

Semester Projects:

Tools Used:


Why China University:

The selection of the right University by the candidate is as important as the selection of the right
candidate by the University. Having the choose the University that is a suitable to my ambition is a major
decision. One which can not be taken in haste. To achieve my objectives, I feel the choice of University is
a critical importance. Information from the faculty here at the college, my seniors and the perusal of the
University web-site, I have inferred that your University provide excellent research activities and balance
academic program which is conducive to my study. I feel that I can realize my aspirations that I have
nurtured along. As a part of your family students, I have to imbibe the best of what you offer, extend the
breath of knowledge. The world is constantly changing and technology in China has in recent decades
developed rapidly. China has made in rapid advances in areas such as Education, Infrastructure,
High-Tech, Manufacturing, Academic Publishing and Commercial Application and is now in some areas
and by some measures a world leader. Republic of China is the perfect place to study abroad! It is
usually described as one of the Asian jewels due to its beauty, charm and rich history. With my
background and interest, I plan to pursue master studies in a truly Professional and innovative
environment. I have chosen China for my graduate studies because of my best academic facilities and
cultural harmony among the students from different countries. This environment would allow me to
adopt a scholarly approach and utilize my creative abilities so as to materialize to research goal and
entrepreneurship plans exceedingly well.

In conclusion, I hope that I will be given chance to realize my objectives by granting admission in your
esteemed and distinguished University. I am confident that with my academic standards and strong
motivation, zeal, positive attitude and with the aid of your graduate program, I will be able to make a
significant contribution to the research endeavors at the University.