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1. The basic components of a computer system (i.e. RAM, ROM, ALU, etc. from pg. 6 of the
Oxford; from pg 7 of Heinemann)
2. Types of user interfaces (GUI, CLI, Menu-driven; pg. 43 - 45 of the Oxford;41 - 43 of
heinemann )
3. Types of DDE (Direct Data Entry 9 – 11 of oxford) devices
4. Data Security (113)
5. Fundamentals of hardware and software
6. The Internet [know what the acronyms stand for – HTTP, URL, FTP, e-mail, e-commerce, e-
learning, etc]
7. Number systems [everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!did I say everything?]
8. Productivity tools (Word Processing, Database Management, Spreadsheet)
9. Problem Solving [5 marks]

60 M.C.

The multiple choice is thorough and includes programming-related questions

Revise the sample multiple choice questions which I have uploaded.