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Sometimes, according to Edwin Teale, a tall gnat larva, which does not resemble the adult in
the least, and which has certainly not mated, nevertheless produces within its body eggs, live
eggs, which them hatch within its soft tissue.

Every once in a while, in Edwin Teale’s thinking, my aunt’s house, seems to not be like a home
at all, and which certainly doesn’t feel warm, although it provides shelter, a roof and a bed, there
are actual people that live there.

Writing Sentences:

Myka sang and surprised her mother.

Singing, Myka surprised her mother.
Surprised Myka’s mother was when she sang.
Listening to Myka’s singing surprised her mother.
The sound of Myka singing was a great surprise to her mother.
Myka’s voice rang in her mother’s ear causing great surprise.
As Myka sang, it surprised her mother.
It surprised her mother when Myka sang.
Surprised was her mother when Myka sang.
Surprised was Myka’s mom when she heard Myka sing.

Non- hibakusha employers developed a prejudice against the survivors ​as word got around that
they were prone to all sorts of ailments, ​and that even those, like Nakamura-san, who were not
cruelly maimed and had not developed any serious overt symptoms were unreliable workers,
since most of them seemed to suffer as she did, from the mysterious but real malaise that came
to be known as one kind of lasting A-bomb sickness: a nagging wakiness and weariness,
dizziness now and then, digestive troubles, all aggravated by a feeling of oppression,​ ​a sense of
doom, for it was said that unspeakable diseases might at any time plant nasty flowers in the
bodies of their victims, and even in those of their descendants.


Geopolitical conflicts provided that nations will always be with us. Although this doesn’t mean
we need to be afraid of each other.
Although Geopolitical conflicts occur, we don’t need to be afraid of each other.

Although, we don’t need to be afraid of each other


1. Putting his own preferences above everything else, Snowden self-indulgently

short-circuited the democratic structures of accountability.

2. Snowden, putting his own preferences above everything else, short-circuited the democratic
structures of accountability.

3. Snowden self-indulgently short-circuited the democratic structures of accountability because

he put his own preference above everything else.

4. He was putting his own preferences above everything else, self-indulgently short-circuited the
democratic structures of accountability.


People who become highly creative and productive learn to acknowledge their failures, they
embrace them by exploring and learning from their experiences.

1. As the weeks past maurice slowly grew more wrinkled and gray.
2. He stopped wearing makeup, his impeccable clothes were sometimes spotted, he even
lost the bounce in his step.
3. Once day I came in earlier than usual, I found him in the dining room, running frantically
from table to table.
4. “Look at this plate!” he shouted as he held it up, covering up the long, jagged crack that
ran through the middle.
5. He hurled it at the wall, it shattered, and the little shards skittered onto the carpet.
6. He went to another table to exame the plates, he hurled another one at the wall.
7. He hurled another one.


1. The girl rested on her crutches, because she could not stand.
2. Exhausted, the girl rested on her crutches.
3. The girl was hurt, so she rested on her crutches.

Research Writing

Rhetorical situation:
1. Conversational, yet still professional. Turns into a discussion for the reader.
2. Exigence- Very good, clear sentences and claing, very purposeful and meaningful.
3. Audience is all english users, speaks clearly to them
4. Purpose is never lost, is to talk about how slang is used, and how it’s changed.

Academic/ technical writing:

1. Objective: Talk about how slang has changed over the years, very clear and brought
2. Argumentative, thesis does support the analysis, they have both sides and go back and
forth with the topic on whether or not slang words are legit and useful.
3. Purposeful syntax, well thought out and put together nicely.
4. Appeals, he really uses logos, ethos, and pathos because he brings in emotions, facts,
and a legit source.

Research Skills:
1. Resources: Lots of sources, credible.
2. In- text citations: Too many, he needs more of his own words, but he sourced correctly.
3. Works Cited: all correct, lots of sources.

Appositives in report writing

1. Identify or rename
2. Explain or give examples
3. Define
4. Summarize

Drew Gilpin Faust, a historian and the first woman to serve as president of Harvard University,
recently testified before the United States Congress to encourage the government to fund more
science research.

Active and Passive Voices

We examined an applicant’s academic record has been made by us to determine whether they
have established a strong affirmative case in regard to the character of their general education,
and their fitness for graduate work in their proposed subject of study. Letters of recommendation
from someone’s position to analyze the candidate’s abilities and to estimate their promise has
been given very serious consideration. The Graduate Record Examination records have a
supplementary objective check on the candidate’s aptitudes and knowledge. In consideration,
applicants regard is given to a character, promise, and scholastic attainment. A personal
interview is not required.

1. My brother went outside, and he played basketball.

2. My brother went outside; there he played basketball.
3. My brother went outside. He played basketball.
4. My brother went outside; likewise, he played basketball.