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Alien Immigration Unit


This unit hopes to help students develop persuasive writing techniques as well as

justification of perspective of people, places and events as they are constructed by

symbolic, visual, and audio stylistic conventions.

The unit aims to develop cooperative learning strategies amongst students and build

a supportive environment where students feel safe presenting, sharing and

discussing ideas.


Students will research different alien species from television and movies and

consider how stylistic features are used to create a representation of the species.

Students will use this representation to determine whether or not the aliens are a

threat to earth and use the stylistic features as justification for their decision.

Students will then devise a persuasive argument using evidence gathered of alien

species, as well as international immigration policies, that is pro/anti-alien

Students will use this argument to devise a multimedia presentation to be given to

the whole class to convince them their argument for alien immigration is the best

option for Earth.

What is going to be produced?

Students will be working in groups of four over the unit to create several products.

Students will have to delegate roles and tasks due to the size of the task.

Each group will have to submit:

- A 500-word argument for or against alien immigration

- A typed transcript of the 2-3 minute speech that attempts to persuade an

audience of their argument

- An A4 handout that summarises their group stance and policy on Alien


- A 2-3minute advertisement that uses iMovie, or another recording application

convincing the UN of why your policy should be adopted.

Students will also have to submit a final self and group evaluation on their completed


The rubrics for all of the assessment items can be found in the assessments page of

the Weebly.
Timeline for Unit:

Lesson Content To be produced

1 Students will form groups Initial reflection and

Gather information on evaluation

alien species

Alien species logbook

Decide stance on alien

immigration Political party stance


Create a political party

2 Revise the structure of Persuasive Argument


Analyse international

immigration policy.

Write group immigration


3 Students will revise Advertisement

persuasive writing

techniques. Handout

Students will assemble

their multimedia


4 Mock UN debate where Reflection

each group will present

their multimedia argument

to the class.