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Summary Authors/Date Title Methods Result

The composition of Florencio P Payac Composition of taro A method for Full of the goodness of
ingredients in Annabelle M Hufalar (colocasia esculenta) making taro brownies with Taro Root which has a
making taro brownies with brownies with sesame sesame seeds comprising super low glycemic index
sesame seeds comprises seeds the steps of: melting a and contains lots of
the following: 7 pieces (5.95 plurality of 7 pieces raw vitamins and minerals. Plus
pcnt ) chocolate tablets; chocolate tablets "tablea" these brownies have a
pcnt cup (24.22 pcnt ) in a pan in modest heat at luscious fudge brownie
butter; 5 1 cup (28.33 pcnt ) about 180o-200oC; adding flavor and consistency that
sugar; 3 pieces (24.93 pcnt ) a pcnt cup butter to said you will love.
eggs; pcnt cup (14.45 pcnt melted raw chocolate
) taro flour; and 15g (2.12 tablets; stirring said mixture
pcnt ) sesame seeds. in step (b) until properly
combined; gradually adding
1 cup sugar and 3 pieces
eggs to said mixture for
step (c); heating the said
mixture in step (d) until soft
and sticky; gradually adding
pcnt cup taro flour to said
mixture in step (e) while
mixing constantly; pouring
said mixture in step (f) in a
pan; sprinkling a plurality of
15 grams sesame seeds on
top of said mixture and
baking said mixture in an
oven at about 350o- 15
360o C 15-20 minutes.
Summary Authors/Date Title Methods Result
The invention belongs to 黄秋丽 Taro cake with effect of Process according to any
the technical field of food reducing blood pressure one of the
processing and more and blood lipid vanilla cake fabricating
particularly relates to claim 5, characterized in
a tarocake with the effect that it comprises the steps
of reducing blood pressure of: (1) a metered
and blood lipid. component will taro, yam,
The taro cake contains the pumpkin, peeled, steamed ,
following components in mash, then uniformly mixed
parts by weight: 20-30 parts to obtain a standby core
of wheat flour, 25-40 parts material; (2) the Albizia
of taro, 9-15 parts of core julibrissin with 85-95 ° C
material, 0.2-0.5 part of water immersion 40-80s, let
pear juice, 2-4 parts of cool to give tea, the herbal
flavoring agent, 0.3-0.6 part additives each pulverized
of albizia flower, 1-3 parts herbs, soaked with water l
of coconut milk, 0.5-1 part square-45min, filtered to
of mung bean sprout, 0.5-1 give concoction cool, green
part of celery and 1-2 part bean sprouts, celery juiced
of Chinese herbal medicine heating cooked cool, the
additive. The taro cake is resulting tea Albizia
attractive in color, pleasant julibrissin, concoction, bean
in fragrance, sweet in taste, sprouts, and celery juice,
and complete in color, flavor, coconut milk hook
fragrance and taste, can mixed, stirred the resulting
promote digestion, has the mixed juice stand; ⑶
health-care function of remaining peeled taro,
reducing the blood pressure steamed, mash, and the
and the blood lipid, is step (2) mixing the resulting
especially suitable for mixed juice, batches mixing
eating by middle-aged and wheat flour was added
aged people, and is simple slowly, in small portions, to
in preparation method and give dough stand; ⑷ core
easy in promotion and wrap material stuffed
industrial production. dough, molding,
steamed, taro obtain cake.
Summary Authors/Date Title Methods Result
The present invention relates Robert D. Feeney Process for making brownies The brownies can be baked
to improved baked goods, Robert L. Prosise containing cellulosic fiber for a shorter time than
and in particular brownies, Joseph McGrady standard brownies while still
which contain an absorbent Raymond L. Niehoff producing a good texture. A
edible fiber. Improvements David A. Volker standard commercial dry
have been noted in the areas (1987} brownie mix in the 23.6-
of chocolate flavor display, ounce size, with 1/3 cup oil,
texture, tolerance to 1/3 cup water, and 2 eggs
underbaking, height and added, uses a bake time at
moisture retention. The 350° F. of 28-33 min. when
baked goods are made from baked in a 13"×9" pan. A
a mix which comprises from comparable batter prepared
about 0.1% to about 10% according to the present
cellulosic fiber, from about invention, by contrast, would
45% to about 65% sugar, use a bake time at 350° F. of
from about 15% to about only about 22-25 min. with a
35% flour, from about 3% to 13"×9" pan. This shorter bake
about 18% shortening, from time results in less water
about 0% to about 12% being driven off during the
cocoa, and from about 0% to baking. The combination of
about 4% starch, the balance baking for a shorter time and
being conventional baked incorporating more water
good additives. The finished into the batter which is held
baked goods comprise from in the dispersed absorbent
about 68% to about 93% of fiber results in an increased
the mix, from about 0.5% to moisture content in the
about 6% egg solids, from finished brownies. Hence,
about 0% to about 16% oil, the brownies exhibit a
and from about 5% to about desirably moist texture,
20% water. increased tenderness, and a
rapid mouthmelt.
Summary Authors/Date Title Methods Result
A Coconut Cacao Cake comprising Charito C Cabrera Coconut cacao cake A process of producing
the following ingredients (by Cynthia C Honrales coconut cacao cake comprising
weight): 9.4 pcnt coconut flour, (2017) the steps of : sifting and
10.5 pcnt all purpose flour, 4.7 measuring coconut flour, all
pcnt cacao powder, 14 pcnt purpose flour; cacao powder;
coconut sugar, 0.2 pcnt baking coconut sugar, baking powder,
powder, 0.2 pcnt baking soda, and baking soda; combining all
11.7 pcnt culinary Virgin Coconut dry ingredients and making a
Oil, 11.7 pcnt native chicken eggs, well at the center of said
18.7 pcnt coconut cream, 0.2 ingredients; adding the
pcnt vanilla, 18.7 pcnt native dark culinary virgin coconut oil,
chocolate solution. native chicken eggs, coconut
cream, and vanilla to the well;
mixing all the ingredients until
thoroughly blended; adding
and mixing boiling native
chocolate solution to said
mixture to make a batter;
pouring said batter into a
greased baking pan; baking
the said batter in a 190o C
preheated oven for 30-45
minutes or until done.
Summary Authors/Date Title Methods Result
The utility model discloses Rechie B Pabelona Composition of making cacao
cacao (theobroma) cupcake Adybier M Lobaton (theobroma) cupcakes with
with honey-cinnamon (2018) honey-cinnamon frosting
frosting and production
method thereof, which
employs grinded cacao
beans as the main
component of the product
and all-purpose flour,
baking powder, honey, salt,
baking soda, vegetable oil,
unsalted butter (melted),
organic eggs, pure vanilla
extract and honey-
cinnamon frosting as the
ingredients, and the
production method
comprise the following
steps: processing the cacao
beans and mixing all the
ingredients, etc. The cacao
(theobroma) cupcake with
honey-cinnamon frosting
provided by the utility
model has the advantages
in terms of health benefits.
Summary Authors/Date Title Methods Result
It’s just like homemade Lizzy T. (2019) Fudgy Brownies First, melt the butter on It like any other dessert:
brownies. But its sweetness the stove and add the thick, soft, and chewy.
and softness are like in sugar. Stir in until Those are the three
higher level and It has also mixture is hot, but not deadly words that will
unique sweetness. bubbling. It should look get you up and baking
shiny and warm.Using a any time or any day.
hand mixer, combine the
eggs, cocoa, salt baking
powder, vanilla, and
flour.After mixing this
(not too much…just until
blended) add in the
sugar/butter mixture and
mix it well.Now it’s time
to add in the chocolate
chips! We like to use
mini chocolate chips and
add them while the
batter is warm. The
chocolate will melt in a
little which is what
makes the brownies so
fudgy.Mix again, just
until blended.Put the
batter in a lightly
greased 9 x 13 pan. Bake
at 350 for about 30
minutes. If you test it
with a tooth pick,
remember that there are
chocolate chips in there.
If it looks done around
the edges and slightly
puffed up in the middle,
take it out.