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Post-classical Narratology.

Intermediality: Between Texts, Media

and Genres

TEKSTUALIA Special Issue (forthcoming)

Editor: Dr Bartosz Lutostański

Reviewers: Prof Marie-Laure Ryan (Colorado) and Prof John Pier


Proofreaders: Trevor Hill and Dr Robert Lee


1. Prof. Luc Herman (University of Antwerp), Prof. Bart Vervaeck

(University of Leuven) – State of the Art or State of Confusion? A Brief
Look at Recent Narratologies
2. Dr Halszka Leleń (UWM) – “A harper went here and there with his
songs”: Modern Reworking of Northern Narrative Tradition
in Vinland by George Mackay Brown
3. Dr Anna Kwiatkowska (UWM) – Representations of Women in the
Selected Short Stories by Katherine Mansfield Viewed Through
Seventeen-century Genre Paintings
4. Dr Dorota Gładkowska (UWM) – “The Metaphysical Lyric in the
Light of Transgeneric Narratology
5. Prof. David Malcolm (UG) – Ellipsis, Narrative Gaps, and Their
Functions in Contemporary British Poetry: A Narratological
6. Dr Bartosz Lutostański (UWM) – Narrative in the Contemporary
Novel – Some Reconceptualisations
7. Dr Katarzyna Szeremeta (UWM) – Microliterature and Parodic Games
in John Crace’s Brideshead Abbreviated: The Digested Read of the
Twentieth Century
8. Dr Dominika Kotuła (UWM) – The Fall of the House of Users. The Bread
Resolution’s Narrative Shifts
9. Dr Miłosz Wojtyna (UG) – Narratology and Imagology
10. Prof. Magdalena Rembowska-Płuciennik (IBL) – Enacting
Embodied Events in Narrative Processing
11. Dr hab. Ewa Kujawska-Lis (UWM) – Charles Marlow: Narration
in Translation
12. Maria Mäkelä (University of Tampere) – Lessons from
the Dangers of NarrativeProject: Toward a Story-Critical Narratology