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Best Logo Carousel Plugins for WordPress 2018

WordPress plugins are useful parts of the software that improve the abilities of blogs and
websites. There are various types of plugins and they serve for different purposes. Some of
those cost nothing and anyone can download their files for free, while others are premium
plugins, and you have to pay if you want to use them.

In this list below, you will find ten interesting logo carousel WordPress plugins that show a
number of partner's logos on the user's website. That gives positive credentials to every firm,
especially if they have well-known partners. You have most likely visited some sites with a slide
of various logos at the bottom of the page. Those are partner logos of the sites, and the slide
itself is, in fact, a logo showcase plugin. And if you have a website built in WordPress, then you
can have the same slide on your main page.

Logo Showcase

The first plugin on this list with such abilities is a free version of Logo Showcase. It is built by
Themepoint developers, and you can download it for the official WordPress site using this link:
https://wordpress.org/plugins/logo-showcase/. That is a responsive plugin, and it will look great
on any device and operative system. It has an auto-slide option and border color option that
increase the attractiveness of the plugin. Logo Showcase is a touch-enabled plugin and
smartphone users will not have a problem with it while visiting your site. All available browsers
are supported and that is one more advantage. Obviously, this plugin has a large number of
great features, and there are many more of them. And all that is included in a free version.

However, the Logo Showcase premium version has some advanced features as well. A few of
these are a background color, slide delay option, custom image size, carousel and grid styles,
24/7 support forum, and many, many more. All of these advanced features come along with its
basic features of the free version. If you are already using basic Logo Showcase plugin, you can
easily upgrade it to pro for just $25, and it is the standard price. Definitely not too much for such
options, and you can use this link: https://themepoints.com/logoshowcase/ to see how it looks
and works in a real time.

Logo Carousel

Another powerful WordPress plugin is definitely Logo Carousel. Just like Logo Showcase, it also
has a large number of basic and advanced futures that significantly improve the user experience.
It is a completely responsive plugin that looks great on all kind of devices. The autoplay on/off
option enables webmasters to have full control over the logo rotation. They can let them move
or they can stop them whenever they want. The settings panel is extremely user-friendly and
that is a great advantage for users. They will not face any problem and will use the plugin easily.
All popular browsers are supported. No matter if your users have Chrome, Mozilla, Opera or
Safari the logo slider will work and look good. Logo Carousel is freely available for downloading,
and you will not have to pay a penny for it. Just follow this link:
https://wordpress.org/plugins/logo-carousel-free/ to download the plugin. Besides, if you still
want more advanced features, there is an option to upgrade to pro version. But you will have to
pay from $29 to $289 in order to successfully finish the upgrade process. The Single Site license
is the cheapest PRO version, while the Unlimited Sites license has the highest price.

Logo Slider

Next on this list is Logo Slider, and it also has some competitive features that significantly
improve the user experience on the website. It is a fully responsive plugin that fits well on all
operative systems and devices. Logo Slider is simple to implement and built. It is lightweight and
requires only a small amount of memory which means it will not burden the site at all. You can
add a link to each logo in this slider if you want, and the auto slide option is also enabled.
Besides, Logo Slider is totally free, and you can download it using this link:
https://wordpress.org/plugins/logo-slider/. It does not have a PRO option and only the free
version is currently available.

GS Logo Slider

GS Logo Slider is also a great WordPress plugin, and the webmasters can make a custom post
type that shows logos using shortcodes within it. This slider is very flexible, intuitive and easy to
use and implement. As all others on this list, it also has nice features that enable users to do
various things. The plugin is compatible with all available WordPress themes, those created this
year or the older ones. You can download it following this link https://wordpress.org/plugins/gs-
logo-slider/ and there is an option to upgrade it to pro version. However, it will cost you
something. The current price of the professional version starts at $24.99 for a single site license,
and it goes up to $299.99 for an unlimited site license. The pro version has many advanced
features worth buying.

Client Logo Carousel

Client Logo Carousel is considered as best logo carousel currently available out there, and it
definitely has many advantages in comparison with some other similar plugins. It is fully
responsive, has a great appearance on all mobile devices, and supports all browsers. Besides,
Client Logo Carousel is a simple and fast plugin that has an auto-slide option and multiple
carousels. If you like it and want it, then you should check this link:
https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-client-logo-carousel/ that will lead you to official WordPress
download page where you can take it free of charge.

WP Logo Showcase Slider

WP Logo Showcase Slider is a completely responsive plugin with great advantages, including
multiple sliders and drag and drop features. It is available in basic and pro version. The first is
free while the price for the second starts at $19. If you want to download it, you can use this link

The Logo Slider

The Logo Slider is a popular plugin supported by WordPress.org. Some of its advantages are
speed, size, and simplicity of using. You can download it for free following this link:

Unlimited Logo Carousel

Unlimited Logo Carousel is an intuitive WordPress plugin with some great capabilities. As its
name suggests, you can use an unlimited number of logos on its slider. Obviously, it is a very
flexible advantage, and your website might look richer and better with it. Download the plugin
with this link https://worpress.org/plugins/unlimited-logo-carousel/

Easy Logo Slider

Easy Logo Slider is simple to implement and use. It is fully web responsive and has various
features, such as an auto-slide option, pauses on hover, multiple logo sliders and many more.
You can download it using this link https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-logo-slider/

WEN Logo Slider

WEN Logo Slider takes the last place on this list, but it is equally useful as any other slider here.
It is developed by WEN Themes and has an oval shape. WEN Logo Slider is completely
responsive and has great features including multiple sideshows, drag and drop option,
changeable image size, and many more. Download this plugin following a link: