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1.What did you done these days?

2.What is Share?
3.What is a debenture?
4.What is market capitalization?
5.Tell me about Yourself?
6.What is mortgage?
7.Types of loans?
8.Tell me about wells fargo?
9.What is Cash Flow Statement?
10.What is Fund flow statement?
11.What is depreciation?
12.Why you want to work in this company?
13.Which positions wells fargo is standing in united state in banking sector?
14.For Which process Wells fargo is hiring you?
15.What is the loan processing
16.Family Details
17.About project work roles and responsibilities
18.Would you like to work with team or individually and why?
19.About MS OFFICE
20.About Ms- Excel
21.Principle of accounts
22.Which test or tool they have applied in their project
23.Accounting Rulers
24.Which statement are used in accounts
25.What is tangible and intangible assets
26.What is double entry
27.What is contingent liability
28.What is liquidity?
29.Golden rules of accounting
30.Project work findings
31.What is Ratio analysis
32.What is ledger
33.What is book keeping
34.What is Secret Reserve
35.What is provisional Reserve
36.What is BRS Statement
37.Why Company Prepares for Balance Sheet
38.Types of Reserves
39.What is Authorized Capitalization
40.What is Paid up Capital
41.What is EPS
42.What is Diminishing Marginal Utility
43.What is Trail Balance?
44.What is Depletion?
45.What do you mean by Joint Venture
46.What do you mean by Partnership
47.What is a company?
48.Types of company
49.What is your Strength/ Weakness?
50.What are your Hobbies?
51.What is Premisiary Notes
52.What is Balance Sheet?
53.Self Introduction
54.What is Variable cost and Marginal Cost
55.What is Current Ration
56.What is Ideal Ratio
57.What is Revenue Income
58.What is Trail Balance
59.What is Financial Market
60.What is Budgetary Control
61.What is Financial statement comparative to Balance sheet
62.Tell me about Personal Skill
63.What is Data’s
64.What is Profitability Ratio
65.Types of general entries
66.Formulas of Accounting
67.What is share Capital
68.What is Stock Market
69.What do u understand about Accrual method of accounting
70.What is Investment Banking
71.Machinery comes under which A/c
72.Diffn b/w cash flow n funds flow
73.Explain the life cycle of accounting
74.Difference between P/I statement and Balance sheet?
75.Difference between bad debt and contingent liability?
76.Provision for bad debt
77.What kind transactions will be taken in P/ L statement
78.What kind of transaction will be taken in balance sheet?
79.Tangible n intangible of Assets
80.Equivalent Ratio
81.What is P&L A/c
82.Accounting cycle
83.Why do u prepare trading A/c
84.Depn of machinery comes under which A/c
85.Expenses comes under which A/c
87.What is 4 3