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Appendix A

Demographic Background Information

Title: Influence of Certification Teacher Program (PPG) Toward Classroom

Management in One of Public University Palembang

Name or Preferred Pseudonym
Place of birth
The year that you were born in
Marital status
The highest educational qualification that
you have obtained
Number of teaching experience
The grade (s) that you teach
The kind of teacher training that you have 1.
received 2.

Appendix B

Questionnaire for Influence of Certification Teacher Program (PPG) Toward

Classroom Management in One of Public University Palembang

Dear Teacher,

Please thoughtfully consider each statement and rate yourself in these following way:

1 = Strongly Disagree 2 = Disagree 3 = Agree 4 = Strongly Agree

Categories Statements
1 2 3 4
1. During the first week of class, I will
announce the classroom rules and inform
students of the penalties for disregarding
the rules.
2. During the first week of class, I will allow
the students to come up with a set of
classroom rules.
3. I know best how to allocate classroom
materials and supplies to optimize learning
4. I specify a set time for each learning
Instructional activity and try to stay within my plans.
5. I believe students need the structure of a
daily routine that is organized and
implemented by the teacher.
6. I believe teachers should direct the
students transitions from one learning
activity to another.
7. I believe teacher should decide what topics
the student study and the tasks they used.
8. I believe that the primary goal of
homework is to provide drill and practice
of skill learned in the classroom.

Categories Statements
1 2 3 4
9. Students in my classroom are free to use
any materials they wish during the
learning process.
10. I believe students should create their own
daily routines, as this fosters the
development of responsibility.
11. I believe students will be success in
school if they allowed to pursue their own
12. When moving from one activity to
another, I will allow students to progress
People their own rate.
Management 13. I believe students should judge the quality
of their own work rather than rely on what
the teachers tell them.
14. I will allow students to select their own
15. I believe friendliness, courtesy, and
respect for fellow students is something
the students have to learn first-hand
through free interaction.
16. If students agree that a classroom is unfair,
then I would replace it with one that
students think is fair.

Categories Statements
1 2 3 4
17. I believe teachers should require student
compliance and respect for law and order.
18. I believe class rules stifle the ability to
develop a personal moral code.
Behaviour 19. I believe it is important to continously
Management monitor students’ learning behaviour
during seatwork.
20. When a student bothers other students, I
will immediately tell the student to be

quiet and stop it.
21. When students behave appropriately, I will
provide a reward of some kind such as
points toward a party or free time.
22. While teaching a lesson on library skills, a
student begin to talk with peers. I would
remind the students to stop it.
23. I believe students will be successful if they
listen to adults who know best for them.
24. I believe class rules are important because
they shape the students’ behaviour and

Adopted from Martin, Yin & Baldwin (1998) in Sokal, Smith & Mowat (2016).

Sokal, L., Smith, D.G., & Mowat, H. (2016). Alternative Certification Teachers’
Attitudes Toward Classroom Management. The High School Journal, 86 (3) 8-16