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Digital Sculpting and texturing Artist.

Objective: I have a strong liking for 3D Modeling and Sculpting. I want to contribute my
share of creativity to this Animation Industry.

Preferred softwares':
• Zbrush
• Substance Painter
• Autodesk Maya
• Unreal Engine
• Autodesk 3Ds Max
• Xnormal
• Marvelous Designer
• Keyshot
• Marmoset Toolbag
• Topogun
• 3D coat
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe premiere
• Adobe After Effects
• Quixel Ddo

Skills and Abilities: I always want to enhance my skills. I always try to learn new things,
new ideas. I prefer:

• Digital Sculpting: Sculpting is my favorite and strongest Part.I am a sculpture loving

Artist. Abilty to crearte Game-ready Hi-res for Human, creatures, organic Models. Strong
knowlegde of Human and Animal Anatomy for the Realistic results. Understanding of
Hard-surface & Sci-fi sculpting techniques too.

• 3D Modeling : Because of starting my career in Gaming , I have worked on many

organic models , Hard surface models and props.Ability to create models Both high poly
& Low-poly. I basically use Autodesk Maya or 3DsMax for modeling , But i am always
ready to do it in any new software too. Knowledge of Uv spilt and Baking Techniques.

• Texturing & Baking: I generally use various Software for texturing and baking
depends on the Requirment of the Project (Professional & Personal).Ability to create
hand painted textures in Zbrush and Photoshop. I have a good eye for details and i am
always keen to learn and develop new techniques to create photorealistic textures. I
have the knowledge of these softwares for Texture & Baking: Substance Painter,
Photoshop, Topogun, 3D Coat, Xnormal, Maya & Max, Zbrush.

• Lighting: I have Knowledge of various Lighting Techniques and Software for presenting
or render the Game-Ready Characters or assets. Generally i prefer: Marmoset toolbag,
Substance Painter, Sketchfab & Keyshot.

• Rigging: Basic knowledge of 3D Character Rigging. I am learning everyday and getting

knowledge of Rigging.

• Concept artist: I want to develop myself as a good concept artist too. So I always try to
do conceptual things with my designs !

Education and Rewards:

• Nominated as “The best outgoing student ”.
• 2 years diploma in Digital Animation from “JAGRAN INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL

Professional Work:

Currently I am working at "TinyShark Interactive, Hyd" from almost a year as a Game

character artist.

Also I have worked for these Studios:

• Pencillati studios, Delhi
• Exigent Game Art Pvt. Ltd. , Noida
• Dhruva Interactive, Bangalore
• 3D Animation Faculty for 1.5 years at "Jagran Institute of Digital

Professional Projects : These are some games and projects i have worked for:

Exzore The Rising: Character Artist

Tempo :Character Sculpting & Ingame , texture
Dragon Front : Character Modeling , texture
Halo 5 : Sculpting & Ingame,texture
Payday 2 : Sculpting & Ingame, texture
Dead Island2 : Prop designing, texture
Voxel Go : Character modeling, texture
• Primary : Playing Games(PC), Treditional clay sculpting.
• I also enjoy sketching, live sketching, Photography, Concept drawing.
Personal Information :
• Blog : http://unstoppableshaurya.wixsite.com/unstoppablevij
• Artstation Link : https://www.artstation.com/artist/unstoppableshauryaa

Contact details: 07607589139 , 08318615692