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Programme for the Monitoring and Evaluation Practitioner

Course code: PM223


This programme is intended for Monitoring and Evaluation Practitioners and Managers to apply
Monitoring and Evaluation principles in the Public Sector in assessing organisational and/or
programme performance in a specific context.

Target Group

● Monitoring and Evaluation Practitioners

● Monitoring and Evaluation Managers

Minimum Requirements for Enrolment

It is assumed that learners enrolling for this programme are competent in English Communication
and Mathematical Literacy at matric level.

This is a credit-bearing programme aligned to the following unit standards:

Unit Standards ID Title NQF Level Credits

337063 Demonstrate knowledge and insight into the 5 5
principles of Monitoring and Evaluation in
assessing organisation and/ or programme
performance in specific context
337059 Apply Monitoring and Evaluation approaches and 6 15
tools to assess an organisation or programme
performance in a specific context

Learners who successfully complete this programme will be awarded a Certificate of Competence
with 20 credits.

Assessment Approach

Participants are actively engaged with learning materials, the facilitator and/or their peers.
Participant progress is tracked and reported on throughout the duration of the course.
Participants are typically required to complete:
• Regular knowledge checks in the form of online quizzes;
• Application activities to demonstrate an understanding of the course content as well as an
ability to apply new knowledge and skills; and
• Post-course workplace assignment.

Programme Structure
This programme is made up of 7 Monitoring and Evaluation courses. Participants can either enrol
for the programme or individual courses. The title of individual courses as well as the duration,
key outcomes and cost per course are described in the table below:
Course name Duration Key learning outcomes Cost
Course 1: 4 Weeks • Analyse current policy and organisational R 1 115.00
documents relating to monitoring and
Orientation to evaluation
Monitoring and • Define the concepts of intervention,
Evaluation monitoring and evaluation
• Develop a monitoring and evaluation
Course Code: system
Course 2: 6 Weeks • Demonstrate how indicators are R 1 699.49
developed as part of a monitoring system
Use of indicators for and apply them in relation to a proposed
managing interventions
performance in • Show how indicators are used in
government monitoring performance in government

Course Code:
Course 3: 6 Weeks • Demonstrate understanding of R 2 074.49
quantitative research design and
Quantitative research methodology for monitoring and
methods for evaluation of an organisation or
Monitoring and programme in a specific context
Evaluation • Design a monitoring and evaluation plan
for a specific context using a quantitative
Course Code: research approach
Course 4: 6 Weeks • Understand the concept of information R 1 861.99
management in relation to monitoring and
Information evaluation
management for • Apply concepts of information
Monitoring and management in the monitoring and
Evaluation evaluation environment

Course Code:
Course 5: 6 Weeks • Demonstrate understanding of qualitative R 1 711.99
research design and methodology for
Qualitative research monitoring and evaluation of an
methods for organisation or programme in a specific
Monitoring and context
Evaluation • Design a monitoring and evaluation plan
for a specific context using a qualitative
Course Code: research approach
Course 6: 6 Weeks • Demonstrate understanding of the R 1 936.99
concept data analysis
Data analysis and • Apply the basic principles of data analysis
presentation methods to a proposed intervention
for Monitoring and

Course Code:
Course 7: 6 Weeks • Demonstrate understanding of basic R 1 699.49
principles of report writing
Report writing for • Write an M & E report in relation to a
Monitoring and particular phase of monitoring and
Evaluation evaluation

Course Code:

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