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6 Friday, April 12, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Conservation Districts to Amalgamate in January 2020

By KAREN MITCHELL tinue to support healthy Arrow-Oak River. Each of Little Saskatchewan River In regards to how the Since inception, the Lit-
and sustainable water- the anticipated nineteen Conservation District, funding will be divided to tle Saskatchewan River

T he Little Saskatch-
ewan River Conserva-
tion District (LSRCD) was
sheds through focused,
priority-based programs
and partnerships that ad-
municipal partners, within
the new district, have land
within these watersheds
there are six sub-districts.
After the amalgamation
there will be nine sub-
all municipalities within
the new area, Cuvelier
explained, “Sub-district
Conservation District has
collaborated with land-
owners, municipal govern-
established in 1999. The dress water quality, flood- and are currently partners districts. A sub-district is committee members will ments and other organi-
District covers approxi- ing, drought, land use and in a conservation district. a sub-watershed within identify priorities and zations to construct small
mately 4,200 kms and is climate change. Watershed Priorities to modern- the watershed district. A projects for their sub- dams. These small dams
located in southwestern districts will continue to ize the conservation dis- sub-watershed is a specific watershed. Funding is di- regulate the flow of water
Manitoba. The LSRCD’s make planning and man- trict program will include; drainage area. Currently rected to complete those by slowing down the wa-
eight municipal partners agement decisions to im- align conservation district within the LSRCD, the projects.” Core funding ter, temporarily storing it,
are the  Municipalities of prove watershed health boundaries to watersheds, Little Saskatchewan River comes from a provincial- protecting roads from be-
Oakview, Minto-Odanah, across all of Manitoba. The including a name change Watershed is divided into municipal match, where ing washed out. Small dam
Yellowhead, and Rosedale; transition of being known from conservation districts four sub-districts based the province funds three projects that are complet-
Riverdale, Clanwilliam- as a watershed district bet- to watershed districts; re- on the drainage area. After dollars to every one dollar ed on waterways upstream
Erickson and Harrison ter reflects the land that is fresh the program mandate the transition to the Assini- contributed by the munici- of the lake help slow down
Park; and the Town of being managed by the dis- through enhancing surface boine West Watershed Dis- palities. the flow of water, which
Minnedosa. The District trict. “Compared to other water management plan- trict, the Little Saskatch- At the present time, reduces soil erosion. With-
encompasses the major- organizations in Manitoba, ning and ecological goods ewan River Watershed will offices within the three out the small dams these
ity of the Little Saskatch- the fact that we work on and services program- be split into two sub-dis- conservation districts soil particles would oth-
ewan River watershed and a watershed boundary is ming; amend legislation to tricts. One sub-district will are located in Oak River, erwise end up in the lake.
a portion of the Arrow-Oak what makes us unique,” ex- support the boundary and be the Upper Little Sas- Miniota and Inglis. It has The management of sur-
River watershed, which are plained Colleen Cuvelier, name changes, facilitate katchewan River; the other not yet been determined face water minimizes neg-
both part of the larger As- LSRCD District Manager. enhanced partnerships will be the Lower Little where the main office will ative impacts like flooding
siniboine River Basin. Locally, the Conserva- with indigenous commu- Saskatchewan River. The be located following the and erosion.
Recently, the provin- tion Districts that will be- nities, add flexibility for sub-districts will be larger amalgamation. “A transi- With all this going on,
cial government has in- come amalgamated come municipal funding and and will continue to have tion committee with rep- The Little Saskatchewan
dicated program changes January 1st will include the appointments and reduce representation from the resentatives from the three River Conservation Dis-
will come into force upon Little Saskatchewan River, red tape; modernize fund- local residents appointed conservation district amal- trict will continue to be
proclamation of The Wa- Upper Assiniboine and ing models by moving by the municipal partners. gamation partners has open for business as usual
tershed Districts Act and Lake of the Prairies. to a three tiered funding The Town of Minnedosa been formed,” explained throughout 2019. During
the associated regula- Upon amalgamation, approached, streamlin- will continue to have two Cuvelier. “The committee the year, staff will be de-
tions on January 1st, 2020. the boundary of the new ing provincial reporting representatives on the is discussing and making livering ALUS (Alterna-
Changes will see Conser- Assiniboine West Water- requirements and plac- conservation sub-district decisions regarding the tive Land Use Services),
vation Districts transition- shed District will take in ing emphasis on program board. Representation can set-up and operation of shelterbelt planting, aban-
ing into Watershed Dis- four watersheds within the outcomes (return on in- be one councillor and one the new watershed district. doned well sealing, well
tricts. Assiniboine River Basin. vestment); and enhance citizen rep or two citizen Topics they will be discuss- water testing day, and rain
A watershed is an These watersheds include watershed planning and reps, but can not be two ing are offices, staff, and barrel programs, just to
area of land defined as the Little Saskatchewan implementation of water- councillors. programs.” name a few. “The district
the drainage area. Water- River, Shell River, Assini- shed management plans. will also be supporting the
shed Districts will con- boine-Birdtail River and Currently, within The construction of two pro-
posed small dams. Check
out the district’s website,
You are invited to attend Rural Municipality of Oakview watch for a flyer in your
mailbox or watch for ad-
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