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The Minnedosa

Since 1883
Volume 137 Issue 5 Friday, April 12, 2019 www.minnedosatribune.com 90 cents plus tax

Break-in and
Theft at
Grain Growers Feeding The World
O n Sunday, April 7th,
the Minnedosa Grain
O ne of the cruel-
est, most heart-
less crimes is when an
Growing Project held its
annual fundraising ban-
quet at the Minnedosa
eternal place of rest is
Community Conference
targeted. Recently, the
Centre. 110 of the 120
Minnedosa Cemetery
available tickets were sold,
fell victim to trouble-
which made for a great so-
cial evening.
The Town of
The local project works
Minendosa’s ride-on
under the umbrella of
lawn mower and a
the Canadian Foodgrains
number of hand-held
Bank. Within Manitoba,
grass trimmers, stored
there are approximately
and used at the ceme-
40 Grain Growing projects.
tery, have been stolen.
The Minnedosa chapter
The crematorium was
began in approximately
also broken into.
1997. The organization is a
Fortunately, no
volunteer run organization
vandalism appears to
with seven current board
have been done to any
members. Land for their
graves, headstones
annual crop is either do-
or columbarium as
nated at no cost or rented
was experienced back
to them at a cost below
in the 1990s when a
market value. Large agri-
number of headstones
cultural companies donate
were knocked over
all of the required seed,
and smashed. Photo by Karen Mitchell
fertilizer and chemicals
If anyone has any
used and volunteers or
information about this Kurt Bisson, Cereals Research Coordinator of Syngenta, shares information from his trip to Malawi
custom workers plant the
most recent break- during the Minnedosa Grain Growing Project annual banquet Sunday night.
crop. For 2018, the orga-
in and theft of lawn
nization worked 120 culti-
care equipment at the
vated acres. Come harvest life. Each Grain Growers companies who help us Project donated a total of helping hands at harvest
Minnedosa Cemetery,
time, volunteers take the Project can specify which yearly. Without these great $38,000 ($33,000 from crop time if anyone is interested
please contact the lo-
crop off and local elevators church project they would partners we would never and $5,000 from banquet), in donating man hours.
cal RCMP at 204-867-
buy the grain for a good like to donate their donat- be able to do what we do which equals $190,000 do- In the past, the Ca-
return. This provides the ed funds to. and donate the profits like nated funds. The organiza- nadian Foodgrains Bank
organization with funds “We have an absolute- we do.” tion keeps a small percent- donated bags of harvested
to donate to the Cana- ly great group of partners The Canadian Govern- age back from their crop grain directly to overseas
If your label reads dian Foodgrains Bank in that people don’t even ment matches donations income annually in order areas, currently and where

Winnipeg. The Canadian see,” explained Raymond four-to-one, meaning that to pay for land and needs appropriate, the grain is
Foodgrains Bank has 15 Dyck, Vice-Chair of the for every one dollar do- for the next growing year. sold locally and money is
It’s time to renew partner agencies that they Minnedosa Grain Grow- nated they will match it The majority of all time directly sent instead.
your subscription! work with. These part- ing Project. “People can with four dollars, up until and work is donated by
ner agencies are church see the combines or farm- a maximum of $25 million local farmers and board
204-867-3816 agencies that have come ers working but they don’t annually. For 2018, the members. The organiza- Continued
together from all walks of see the behind-the-scenes Minnedosa Grain Growers tion is always welcoming on Page 2


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