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Ancient Civilizations Travel Brochure

Imagine you are a resident of an ancient civilization. You have been employed by the central government to promote tourism as an industry. One
of your first tasks is to design a travel brochure to attract tourists to your civilization!

Each group will be assigned an ancient civilization to research, and create travel brochure for. Each group must use AT LEAST 3 different sources.
You will have Wednesday 10/10 and Thursday 10/11 to work on your brochure. Friday 10/12 students will view each other’s brochure sand ask
questions about the different civilizations.

Must Haves: Your goal is explain to tourists why they should visit your civilization and why it is important!

The Five Characteristics of Civilizations

- Advanced cities (Which cities should the tourists visit and why? What is there to do in your cities? What kind of trading takes place there?
What type of souvenirs could a tourist purchase there? Anything else you can think of, be creative!)
- Specialized workers (Who will tourists see while visiting? What goods does the city specialize in producing? Other Info!)
- Complex institutions (What type of government is ruling your civilization? What type of religion do they practice? Other Info!)
- Record keeping (How can a tourist record their adventures? How do they keep their records? Other Info!)
- Advanced technology (What technological advancement has your civilization created? Why should tourists visit? Other Info!)
Culture: What is the culture of your civilization like? Are there any customs tourists should know about before visiting?
Geography and Topography: Where is your civilization located? What does the landscape look like? How should tourists pack when visiting?
What kinds of plants grow in your area?
Vocabulary Words: At least 5 different vocabulary words must be used and highlighted on your brochure.
Brochure Look: Accurate information, colorful, 50% info, 50% pictures

Excellent Good Satisfactory Needs Improvement

Required Elements The brochure includes all All required elements are All but 1 of the required Several required elements
required elements as well as included on the brochure. elements are included on the were missing.
additional information. brochure.

Content Accuracy All facts on the brochure are 99-90% of the facts on the 89-80% of the facts on the Fewer than 80% of the facts
and Information accurate and match cited brochure are accurate. brochure are accurate. on the brochure are
Validity resources. accurate.

There are no grammatical There are 1-2 grammatical There are 3-4 grammatical There are several
Writing-Grammar mistakes. mistakes. mistakes. grammatical mistakes.

Attractiveness & The brochure has The brochure has attractive The brochure has well- The brochure formatting and
Organization exceptionally attractive formatting and well- organized information. organization of material are
formatting and well- organized information. confusing to the reader.
organized information.

Graphics go well with the Graphics go well with the Graphics go well with the Graphics do not go with the
Graphics/Pictures text and there is a good mix text, but there are so many text, but there are too few accompanying text or
of text and graphics that they distract from the and the brochure seems appear to be randomly
text. “text-heavy.” chosen.
Groups go beyond the 3- Groups have at least 3 Groups have at least 3 Groups use less than 3
Citations resource requirement, AND resources, and provide the resources, and provide the resources and do not turn in
provide the title and url of title AND url of their title OR url of their resources a list of resources.
their resources on a resources on a separate on a separate sheet of paper.
separate sheet of paper. sheet of paper.