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CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) Pp DATA Name Steptarie Place & Date of Binh : Pekanbars, 14 Jy 1998 Gender Female Religion Clrisian Protesan Heist 169. Weight 47k Adress K.HSyebalan Gg. Hi, Senia no 55. Palnerah, Pameah West Jakar, Phone Number “462 819 9309 6833 Maral Stats Not Married Natoralty Iniorestt Eni stephusietepp@ gmail.com Website Wutwstephieyas-blogspot.co. Md EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Period Seinoiiaaiiue Major 2016-2020 State Uniersity of Jakarta ‘Recouataney TIS30Te Kalam Kudu High Shoot ‘Seas 2010 is ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT 2014.8 2015 Ranked general 1* of Kalum Kudus High School ABILITIES: Technology skil : Designing Webste using HTML, Eating, and Meroso8 Ofie. Language skit Indonesia (active) and Engish (assve) Interpersoral skil :Ablity to rebte to otlers, tamsiork, kaderhip, problem soNers, respect commited. and passionate. PARTICIPATION AT SEMINAR, Seplenber 16-17,2016 Good Motwation an Tralning (Good Morning, Faculy of Beenie Ste University of Jakuta