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Hasnul Arif NIM: 211. 016.

032 Students of IAIN Kerinci Islamic

Education Study Program (PAI) Focus on Character Education Study: Patterns of
Recitation of Jam'iyyatul Islamiyah in Strengthening Patience of Sungai Penuh
City Jamaat.
The purpose of this study was to determine the type of patience, study
pattern and supporting and inhibiting factors in strengthening the patience of the
Sungai Penuh City Jam'iyyatul Islamiyah congregation. The form of this research
conducted is qualitative research with research questions: What are the types of
patience of worshipers? What is the pattern of recitation and what are the
supporting and inhibiting factors in the formation of the patience of the Kota
Sungai Penuh Jam'iyyatul Islamiah congregation? This research was carried out at
Jam'iyyatul Islamiyah Kota Sungai Penuh Study with respondents: administrators
and worshipers. Data collection is done by interview, observation, and
documentation techniques. Data analysis carried out through inaction. The
verification process often goes back to the data reduction stage so that
triangulation is always internal in the research process.
Based on the results of interviews and observations in the field, it can be
concluded that:
1. Types of Patience The Jamaah includes: patience in abandoning the passions of
the faithful, being patient with what God destines, patient physically and
spiritually patient.
2. The pattern of recitation of Jam'iyyatul Islamiyah in strengthening the patience
of pilgrims, namely: based on the place held in the mosque, mushalla, the
house of the administrator and at the house of the pilgrims. Study material
about religious jurisprudence, morals and monotheism and based on questions
from worshipers. The recitation system is dominated by lecturers. The methods
used are lecture method, question and answer and discussion. The congregation
is a mixture of adults, teenagers and children. Organizations in the form of
community social organizations in the field of religion. The environment of the
congregation is in educated areas. The basis of the congregation was organized
by the DPP, DPD, group, branch and branch staff. As well as structured type of
3. Supporting factors: With the accusation making them continue to take part in
the recitation, besides that the teachings of Jam'iyyatul Islamiyah are more on
suppressing the will of women, lust, the world and demons that exist in the
congregation, the worshipers adhere to the coach, complete facilities and
infrastructure and the recitation routine. Whereas the inhibiting factor is the
distance between the house of the pilgrims and the place of study far away, the
difference in the level of understanding of the congregation in understanding
the teaching material and the teaching material delivered globally.

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