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April 18, 2018 | 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM | CoLab of Orlando
Silent Salary Social was an event dedicated to open up this taboo subject, not
being afraid of asking your peers’ salary rate and learning how to negotiate a
specific number based on our value, needs, expertise and many other specifics.
This is why I decided to attend the event. I wanted to learn how to negotiate the
WAGNER equivalent of my work and skills.
It was a very interactive event because every attendee had to complete a
questionnaire, which included a variety of check-boxes to indicate salary range,
role, company type, years of experience, age and even gender. At the end of the
event all of these were displayed on the wall anonymously for everyone to look
at and discuss. It was indeed very interesting to see all the differences and what
type of positions had higher salary ranges than others. For instance, I saw lots of
“Graphic Designer” questionnaires in which salaries varied from 46 to 60K.

Wágner Dos Santos was the guest speaker. He provided very useful feedback
about salary and knowing your value — what you bring to the table, your abilities.
He also shared a couple of tactics on how to approach employers’ questions
such as “How much should I pay you?” His insights were based on 20 years of
experience on both the management and ownership sides of many local agencies.

Something I really liked about what he shared was “be passionate about what
you do, your work” because yes, money is important to pay our bills and evolve
professionally but if you are passionate, money often comes along by itself. He also
shared the story of a lady who was willing to change her entire lifestyle when she
got a job in the field she was passionate about (in an agency) accepting a much
lower pay rate than her previous job (in a bank).

The workshop took place at CoLab of Orlando — 37 N Orange Ave, Orlando,
Florida 32801. Notice I’m in front of CoLab’s door and the wall where everyone’s
salary questionnaires were displayed anonymously.

Margaret Zorrilla-Cortez | Spring 2018 - PUR4941 | EXTRA CREDIT




Wágner Dos Santos was the speaker at the event. I actually got Erin Pearlman was the first person I met when I got to CoLab.
the chance to learn a bit more about his background before the She is a copywriter and PR Coordinator at Online Labels and
event started because I arrived too early. Ad2 members were Ad2’s Co-President.
even setting up the food and beverages. Yet, helping them was
a good ice breaker. She was very nice and welcoming. Since I arrived early, I
helped her setting up snacks for the rest of the audience. As I
Wágner has built two agencies on his own, starting with Beloved mentioned, this was a great ice breaker and it allowed me to
in 2004 and Wagner Agency created a year and a half ago. connect with her and know a bit more about Ad2.
He actually quit college after his first semester to jump into the
workforce. He has also been on both the management and Erin mentioned Ad2 was looking for new board members and
ownership sides of many local agencies , a nominee of OBJ’s explained the hierarchy of advertising organizations in Orlando.
“Most Influential Businessmen,” and a trustee and past president She described AdClub represented the collegiate chapter,
of the American Advertising Federation-Orlando. followed by Ad2 with members ages 18 to 32 and lastly, AAF
including members who have been in the industry for +5 years.
He shared very interesting insights about salary within the
industry and interview tactics when trying to negotiate a She was very excited that I was intrigued by becoming a
certain amount. He even referred to personal experiences when member because I thought it was only for professionals, not
interviewing candidates for his agencies. I really appreciated students as well. So, she provided me with her business card and
that. For instance, during an interview, he was asked “how much encouraged me to contact her if I had any questions about the
do you think we should pay you?” and he revoked the question process. I truly appreciated her amiability and assistance.
with “how much do you think I’m worth?” He explained that
worth was based on the value someone brings with experience. Margaret Zorrilla-Cortez | Spring 2018 - PUR4941 | EXTRA CREDIT

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