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Applications of English in accounting

Currently english language is a fundamental tool for only profesional.It is the

second most spoken language because of the globalized world. Considered as
the main language because it opens many doors in the world such as the
profesional domain, conducting international business and knowledge of new
It is time to break down the language barriers. The mastery of English is no longer
considered only an added value, but the essential requirement for the proper
development of the functions of any company. The ability to communicate
effectively in this language makes the difference between continuing to progress
in achieving the objectives set or staying out of the market.
Due to our globalizer economu the common language used in business betwen
countries, it is necessary to learn the english language, the accounting terms in
english represent on improvement in the expectations of students and
professionals to have a competitive a advantage.
Any business that you want to set up, however small, needs an order and there
fore keep accounts and that is wherethe accountents come in, which gives us the
opportunity to not only know what money goes out and what goes into the
business, but how to invest it.
The american market is very attractive to us not only for the accountants but for
each and every one of the people who form a company since it gives us the
possibility of bringing our products, services and knowledge to them ass long as
we know and understand what they want.
Then in what way does it help us to know english in pur career?
Nowadays it is easy to learn accounting in English and English from business if
you have a minimum level in both disciplines, as the web has multiple specific
courses of quality and price diversity, including some free. Having a learning
application such as "Contaone", which allows solving PGC and PGCPYMES
scenarios and exercises, is useful both for students who look for a professional
exit in Accounting and for accountants from small and medium-sized companies
who plan to start commercial operations Exterior. Among other advantages it
 Accounting of assumptions and practical exercises in English.
 Consult the PGC and the PGCPYMES in English.
 Automatic conversion of the Annual Accounts to incorporate them into a
company report or a business plan written in English.
The occupational field of am accountant is very broad it is responsable for making
decisions, planning, directing and evaluatiny the financial situation of the
companies, designing strategies and also providing consulting services for which
in the consulting are many of the large transnational companies keep their
records in international standars tha have their data in english so it os vitally
important to turn on that language and not make future mistakes when applying
these procedure.