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Filipino Physical Activity Pyramid Guide

Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Filipino Physical Activity Pyramid Guide

Priming Activity:
Teacher will show pictures of children playing basketball, watching television,
and other activities involving movement.


1. Which of these activities do you perform minimally? regularly? often?


Activity 2.
The teacher will prepare metacards bearing different activities such as watching
TV, playing basketball, feeding a pet, etc. Learners will classify these according to the
following categories:
Once a week 1-3 times a week 3-5 times a everyday

1. Which of the activities are easy to perform? hard to perform?
2. Will these activities help you become healthy/fit?

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Filipino Physical Activity Pyramid Guide

The Filipino Pyramid Activity Guide

Description of the Content

Filipino Physical Activity Pyramid Guide.

To use the pyramid as a guide is a simple matter. The bottom of both pyramids is
the day-to-day activities and should be done as often as possible. These are considered
light physical activities. Recreational and aerobic activities dominate the second level.
The recommendation is that one should do these activities three (3) to five (5) times a
week. The third level is leisure activities and exercises for strength and flexibility. These
should be done two (2) to three (3) times a week. The top tier should be done minimally
at best. Energy expenditure through physical activity helps in controlling weight together
with a sound diet.
Exercise, which is found on the second tier of both pyramids, is a form of physical
activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive bodily movements whose purpose is to
improve, or maintain one or more of the components of physical fitness.
Let’s Do This!

How often do you do these activities? Put a check ( ) mark under the proper
Physical Activity/Recreational Activity Once 2-3 3-5 everyday
a times times
week a a
week week
Walking (going to the park, school, etc.)
Playing (hide and seek, patintero, etc.)
Dancing (hiphop, pop, breakdance, crumping, etc. )
Playing computer
Watching TV

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Filipino Physical Activity Pyramid Guide

1. Are the physical/recreational activities listed helpful to you? Why or Why not?
2. Which of the listed activities do you like to do everyday but you were unable to
3. Are there activities that you perform/do that are not mentioned above? If yes, what
are those activities?

Enrich my Knowledge!
A. Divide the class into four (4) groups.
B. The following are the tasks to be accomplished. Performance will be done in two
minutes or less.
1: Make a scene showing activities that you do everyday (Level 1).
2: Draw two activities that you do 3-5 a week (Level 2).
3: Perform a rap or jazz chant showing activities that you do 2-3 a week (Level
4: Construct a poem showing an activity performed once a week (Level 4).

C. Learners will draw the task they will perform.

D. Practice the task in 10 minutes.
E. Perform the assigned tasks.

Complete the Graphic organizer.


Everyday 3-5 times a week 2-3 times a week Once a week

For Assessment Purposes: (Performance Task)

Make a journal indicating the physical/recreational activities you do regularly
based on the graphic organizer.

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Filipino Physical Activity Pyramid Guide

Perform this!

Create/Make your own Physical Activity Pyramid Guide.

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