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Great Gatsby Introduction

Objectives and Content Standards

UNIT: THE GREAT Objectives California Content
GATSBY ■ Summarize the first chapter of the
novel with ease. Standards
BY F. SCOTT FITZGERALD ■ Recognize what time period the novel is § RI. 11-12.7
based upon.
§ RI. 11-12.1
Ø Analyze the culture Ø Introduction of the novel ■ Begin to analyze each theme given. § L. 11-12.6
■ Develop personal ideas and questions in § RL. 11-12.2
• Themes • Setting (time & place) relation to novel.
• Characters • Chapter 1 Summary
Ø Who is the Author?

Ms. Megan O’Reilly

Grade 11

Short Clip The 1920s-The Jazz Age

■ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtPkzqXKhQQ Main Events Pop Culture

■ Law passed for women to vote August 1920 § Louis Armstrong began playing Jazz in
■ As you watch this video pay attention to the guided notes. 1922.
■ Prohibition had just began § A new dance craze called the Charleston
surface in 1925. (00:43- 02:05)
■ Stock Market crashed in October 1929
§ Mickey Mouse appeared on Steamboat
Willie in 1929.

Ms Megan O’Reilly 1
The Great Gatsby Introduction

The 1920s-Visuals
Lets Engage Group Discussion

I want you to think about what aspects of the 1920s that you have just learned about and
then answer the question below and write it on your guided notes.

■ In your own opinion, do you believe that there are still some aspects of life in the 1920s
that might be similar to now? Explain.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Themes

■ The American Dream
“Genius is to put into effect what is on your mind”
- F. Scott Fitzgerald ■ Home
■ Honesty
■ Full name: Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald ■ Money/ Materialism
■ Born September 24, 1896– Died December 21, 1940 ■ Life and Death
■ Married Zelda Sayre during the 1920s, with whom he
■ Love
had a daughter with.
■ Wrote The Great Gatsby in 1925 ■ The Past

Ms Megan O’Reilly 2
The Great Gatsby Introduction

Character: Jay Gatsby Character: Nick Carraway

■ Nick, just returned from WWI, moves from
■ Jay Gatsby lives next door to Nick Carraway and the Midwest to the East to get into the bond
is extravagantly wealthy. market.
■ There are many aspects of his life which are left ■ He finds himself living among the wealthy on
secret. Long Island where he reacquaints himself
■ Even at his own parties, he is the subject of with his cousin Daisy and begins a love
rumors and speculation. interest with Jordan.

■ His single dream, for which he has amassed all his ■ He lives next door to Jay Gatsby.
wealth, is to win back the love of Daisy. ■ His close proximity with Gatsby brings him
■ His desire to relive the past is his undoing. between Gatsby’s relationships and life.

Character: Daisy Buchanan Characters

■ Daisy Buchanan and her husband are § Tom Buchanan § Myrtle Wilson § Jordan Baker
unhappily married—but rich. - Husband to Daisy - Lives in the ”Valley of - Professional golfer
■ She had a relationship with Gatsby before - Cheats on his wife with Ashes” with her - Nicks love interest
her marriage. another woman
husband George. - Daisy’s close friend
■ She is the major influence behind of all of - Comes from old money
Gatsby’s choices - Tom’s mistress
■ Her husband Tom is having an affair with § George Wilson § Mayer Wolfshiem
Myrtle Wilson, a married woman. - Married to Myrtle - Business partner of
- The cause of Gatsby
something terrible in - Introduced Nick to
Gatsby’s life. him

Ms Megan O’Reilly 3
The Great Gatsby Introduction

Character Map
*Look at guided notes

Setting: New York

Daisy ■ New York State
Tom - Object of Gatsby's
Married desires
- Outspoken man ■ The East and West Eggs
-Old money -Represents the
elite social class – fictionalized peninsulas on Long Island
- Narrator ■ East Egg
- Married lover of Tom - Happens to
- Represents the lower
follow whatever – representative of “old money”; Tom and
class everyone else
- Wealthy business does
Daisy live here
-Goal in life is to be ■ West Egg
with Daisy
– the newly rich live here
Jordan – not quite accepted into the folds of the old
- Runs a garage and
gas station -Pro Golfer moneyed; Gatsby’s mansion is here and Nicks
- Husband of Myrtle -Questionable cottage

Setting: Gatsby’s Mansion Chapter 1: Beginning

■ Gatsby’s mansion: set on 40 acres; colossal, flashy, garish ■ Who do we meet first?
■ Symbolic of Gatsby’s success and the “American Dream” Nick Carraway
■ Also symbolic of the hollowness of money, success - He introduced himself as the author of the story and gives a brief introduction of
■ Serves as Gatsby’s lure for Daisy
- Spoke a few words on who Gatsby is as a character, “gorgeous” being a describing term
for his personality.
- Nick lives in the West Egg on the same plot of land as Gatsby, he mentions the liveliness
of the house.

Ms Megan O’Reilly 4
The Great Gatsby Introduction

Chapter 1: Dinner Party Chapter 1: Symbol

■ We see nick visit his cousin Daisy in East Egg. ■ The Green Light
■ Although Nick has many connections in the East Egg he decided to live in West Egg with We see the green light at the end of chapter 1.
Represents Gatsby's hope for the future.
■ During the dinner he meets Jordan Baker, the Pro golfer.
Gatsby reaches for something which is unattainable
■ While all in conversation Tom leaves in a hurry for a call, Jordan tells Nick it’s the
■ Tom and Daisy make it obvious that they would like Nick and Jordan to date.
■ After the party Nick heads home and finally sees Gatsby, staring at the green light
opposite the shore.

Lets Engage Activities

Now that we have fully expanded our minds on the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald its time to test your
understanding of the material.
This far we have learned about the author, met multiple characters, and we have learned Activity 1: Activity 2:
where they live. Now it’s a chance to test your knowledge! ■ Get in groups of 4 On your own I would like for you to go back to
1. Download Kahoot from the App store ■ Each group member must make 1 question– the PowerPoint and find one area of the novel
resulting in a total of 4 which you are unsure about or would like a
2. Enter Pin 0770293 ■ Answer the questions
■ Be prepared to share with the class
clearer explanation.
Once done you will pair up with a partner and I
3. Please put your full name. (These questions can relate back to the would like you to work on it together to make it
chapter that we have just covered or any more understandable. Make a note of what you
thing which I mentioned in this do not understand on the guided notes and then
PowerPoint. ) make another note of how you were finally able
to make sense of it


Ms Megan O’Reilly 5

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