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Thank you for your interest in MarfeelPress.   
To create a complete mobile experience for your website, you now only have to 
install and activate the plugin. 
To activate the plugin, please follow these instructions:  
1. Search for the ‘MarfeelPress’ plugin in your WordPress plugin search bar, or 
through this l​ ink​. 

2. Activate it and open the ‘Getting Started’ menu 

3. Complete your branding by customizing your logo, colors, and text 

4. Select the sections you want to include on your mobile site. 

5. Link your account to your analytics tool to help you improve your number of 
visits and the ARPU of your users. 

6. If you have a file ads.txt in your site, you will need to delete it in order to place 
adverts on your site. MarfeelPress automatically creates a copy of this file for 
future use.  
You will be promoted to delete this file, so you can follow the on-screen 

7. You can then configure your commenting system, add social networks, or 
create a PWA, but these additions are optional. 

8. To finish, click on the activate button 

Congratulations! MarfeelPress is now activated, but there is one more important 
step related to monetization. 
9. You will have received an email from Google with a form that you have to 
complete. This allows us to manage your ads and use our complex algorithm 
that will optimize your positioning and revenue.  
Please notice that your new website can take a few minutes to be displayed. 
Also, ads will not be displayed on your mobile site until you submit the form from 
Doubleclick so it’s important you do it ASAP.  
If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at