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Just download insite from 8.

3 from Cummins


Download the iso version

If want you can watch a video on how to install on youtube


Read the all the instructions and your clue is at the end. Please dont ask me for
the password for the zip files

1 install 8.3

2. Rename primary Insite icon " DOWNLOAD ICAL files only "

4 Copy the Instie crack program to Desk and double click open it

5 Copy hwid from activator to keygen with

6 Put any user name you want

7 generate key place key and name in activator

8 run activator as admin

9 start icon should open up

10 hit start insite logo should show

11 when the activate lisence window opens up click simulator mode

12 make sure internet is on for first activation

13 other time activate lisence window open click simulator it will still work
correct no active lisence ever show but it will work like dealer lisenced pro.

Password to open main zip file MmhaUuto!$theSh!t

Password to open second zip ThankYouGhostman!!