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Email: karthikeyan.shunmugam@gmail.com
Mobile: +1(862)-273-9028


Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan

Engineering college, Perambalur, Tamilnadu, India, during the year of 2002-2006.


TARABS Migration Project

PWLDL Application Enhancement and Restructuring Projects

Life ICP (Integrated Customer Platform) Phase 0 – PWLDL changes
Change of Plan
Assembler to COBOL Migration Project

Experience Summary

 9.75 years of experience in IT industry.

 Good experience in Analysis and Design of the system, Software Development, Quality
process & Support and Project delivery.

 Good experience in problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills.

 Good domain knowledge in Life & Health Insurance.


Line of Business – Life Insurance

Technology – Mainframes
 Life Insurance Quote
 Life New Business systems
 Life Underwriting
 Life Billing System

Computers Worked on

Computer Systems Programming Special Software

Microsoft Windows COBOL, DB2, JCL, IBM RMS, IBM-RDz, Expeditor,
7,Windows XP utilities File Manager, HP-Service


Professional Society / Certification Date Certified

DB2 UDB - 700 certification December 17th 2007
INS21- Certification in General Insurance March 11th 2008
DB2 UDB - 703 certification September 11th 2008

Career Profile

May 2016 – Till date Tata Consultancy Services

Title TARABS Migration Reconciliation reports.

Period May 2016 – Till Date

Client Name Selective Insurance Company of America, Branchville, New Jersey, USA

Position Offshore Module Leader & Onsite Coordinator

 Understand the requirements and Business needs from the
 Involve in the Pre-Analysis of Requirements, Design, and
Development. Communicate the same to offshore team.
 Involve in all software development phases.
Projects TARABS Recon Report
TARABS billing system is converted to Majesco’s STG system. As a part of
this project 1.4 Million policy data are moved from TARABS database to
STG database through 27 data layouts. Several reconciliation reports are
created to verify the converted billing systems data are in sync with the
existing system.

Operating System OS/390, Windows 2007

Languages COBOL, JCL, DB2

Project Location Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Chennai, India

Selective Insurance Company, Branchville, NJ, USA

Aug 2011 – Apr 2016 Tata Consultancy Services

Title Statefarm Life Insurance system.

Period Aug 2011 – April 2016

Client Name State Farm Insurance Company, Bloomington, Illinois, USA

Position Onsite Technical Lead & Offshore Team Lead

 Understand the requirements and Business needs from the
Customers. Communicate the same to offshore team.
 Involved in all software development phases and successfully
implemented projects to Production.
 Constantly monitor HP Service Manager and resolve Incidents,
Interactions, Tasks, Problem records raised by the end user.
 As Project leader, help the team in understanding the design, clarify
their queries and give solutions for Technical & Business complexities.

Life PWLDL Application

Support and Maintain Life PWLDL application. The important Life

transactions such as New Business (LWNB), Underwriting (LW42) &
Beneficiary (LWBN) are created through PWLDL. It receives the data from
front end interface (Java), formats the transactions and sends the
information to Life Host systems.

Service Activities:
 Enhancement to the code.
 Understand and resolve the Incidents/Interactions/Tasks raised by
End User.
 Providing proper solution to the Problem /Change Records.
Perform IQA & EQA before implementing to systems.
 Creating Knowledge base documents to level the knowledge
across the team.
 Restructuring the components by simplifying complex logic and
removing dead codes.

Life ICP (Integrated Customer Platform) Phase 0

The existing applications running in State Farm are not customer centric.
In today’s online world, customers expect everything to be present online.
Currently State Farm does not support the process of obtaining a policy
Online, It just allows to get a Quote and the rest needs to be done only by
the agents. In order to provide a customer facing Environment State Farm
has started the CDE (Customer Driven Evolution) initiative. This provides a
customer friendly facing application in addition to obtaining products and
services through various channels like Internet, Mobile applications,
Intranet etc.

Change of Plan
The scope of this Project is to move the “Change of Plan” product from
Host Application (PWLDL) to PRPC (PEGA Rules Process Commander)
systems. So that “Change of Plan” policy service will be directly available
through IAA (Initial Automation Action).

Joint Universal Life Product

The scope of this project is to introduce a new product “Joint Universal

Life” to the existing system. Enable PWLDL application to create various
business transaction for the new product.

Assembler to COBOL Migration

Assembler codes are converted to COBOL code due to the lack of

Assembler System Matter Expertise. As part of this Project, 2 daily cycles
and 7 annual cycles (133 components) were converted from Assembler to
COBOL without any production issues.

Operating System OS/390, Windows 2007

Languages COBOL, JCL, DB2

Special Software Rational Development for ZOS (RDz), Revision Management System
(RMS), Expeditor, File Manager, HP Service Manager.


Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Chennai, India

Aug 2007 – Jul 2011 Tata Consultancy Services

Title USAA Life

Period Aug 2007 – Jul 2011

Client Name USAA, San Antonio - USA

Position Offshore Module Lead & Offshore Team member

Responsibilities Actively involved in the Pre-Analysis of Requirements and Estimation,

Design, Development (Handled the changes in the Premium calculator
modules which is considered as Heart of this Project), Peer Reviews
(Internal & External Quality Assurance), Preparing Test cases, Unit Testing,
End-to-End Integration and Adhoc testing and Support during System
Projects Florida Medicare Modernization
The scope of this project is, when a member with Medicare
modernization standard or disability plan changes his physical address
from one zone to other zone within the state of Florida, then premium
will vary based on the zone.

PSA Data Load for Life

This project involves in populating the Enterprise Persistent Staging Area

(PSA) with Life, Health and Annuity data from the 103 HAL and IQ
Systems. This project will retain data that is currently being purged from
the source system, so the data will be available for future Analytical

Enable 5 Year Starter Life Insurance for Direct Company.

The scope of this project is to enable sales of new 5 year Starter term life
product by MSR through portal and member on .com in Direct Company.
This new product offer is available as an opportunity banners only for
eligible members.

Property (LOB) – Underwriting

The scope of this project is to redesign the existing Property Insurance

Underwriting system thereby implementing the new Scoring model to
improve the pricing flexibility.

Operating System OS/390, Windows XP

Languages COBOL, JCL, DB2

Special Software Table Management Facility (TMF), Star Team, SCM

Project Location Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Chennai, India

Trainings Conducted

Year Title Presented to Location Organised by

2015 Legacy Modernization TCS Consultants Chennai TCS
2014 Mainframes Session TCS new Joiners Chennai TCS
2014 PWLDL Application Session TCS Consultants Chennai TCS
2012 RDZ Tool Training Statefarm & TCS Consultants Bloomington TCS
2010 JCL – ICETOOLS TCS Consultants Chennai TCS
2009 JCL Basic Concepts TCS Consultants Chennai TCS
2008 COBOL Fundamentals TCS Consultants Chennai TCS
Training Attended

Year Title Location Organized By

2016 PRPC Training Chennai TCS

2014 Tera Data Concepts Chennai TCS
2013 Informatica Basics Chennai TCS
2012 RMS session Bloomington TCS
2011 Session on Billing Concepts Chennai TCS
2009 Project management Chennai TCS
2009 Defect Prevention Chennai TCS
2008 Tata Business Excellence Model Chennai TCS

Personal Details

Date of Birth Oct 11, 1984

Sex Male

Nationality Indian

Marital Status Married

Date of Joining June 11, 2007

Designation Assistant Consultant

Location Chennai

Passport Details P0090108,

Issued at Chennai on 05/18/2016
Valid up to 05/17/2026

Driving License TN46 20140000718,

Issued at Perambalur on 02/12/2014
Valid up to 02/11/2034