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Today is bright and sunny. Even though my parents lost everything when we got robbed last
night, the day and I shared similarity in mood. My mood came because I knew I had friends that
will still support me. Or so did I thought. My old, beat out, discoloured sneakers drag against the
floor in my school, as I approached my friends. Their conversations came to a halt.

Courtney cleared her throat upon speaking, “Why are you standing there, freak?”

Her choice of words startled me, then I remember my dad’s oversized hoodie covered my face.
Removing it to reveal myself to my friends, a few gasp escape their tongue.

“Sass, what happened to you?” Vanessa asked. I explained to them the robbery at my house. I
told them they took all our clothes, jewelry, everything. Even how my parents regretted leaving
the house to get dinner. As my stories conclude, I look at my friends to find some sympathy and
comfort but I came up blank. They all look disgusted. They hurdled in a group excluding me
before turning around again.

Courtney step up in front and spoke, “Sass, no hard feelings but we don’t want you in the group;
is just your attire isn’t quite pleasant to the eye.” Did my friend of three years told me I couldn’t
be with them because of my clothes. I depended on them to comfort me because my parents were
always busy. My friends had hurt me deeply, I ran in the direction of the washroom, to cry my
feelings out.

Ever since that day, people have been teasing me and calling me names. Mean, disrespectful
names ; after two days of hearing it , I started to believe them. Strolling through the hallways in
my school I saw someone deliberately push out their foot. Before I know I was landing face first
on the ground.

One person laughed which was followed by a numerous amount of people laughter. I cover my
ears with my hands.

Someone said, “ Look at you, disgrace to all our eyes.” A chorus of yes followed.

“Go in a hole and die,” Another random person said. They kept throwing insults at me. Hurting
me emotionally.

I felt trapped, the noise seemed to be coming from everywhere.

Until I felt a warm hand touch my upper arm, I leap away from the hand. Looking at my intruder,
my eyes connected to a girl’s brown eyes.
She said, “Don’t take them on; come.” She held my both hands helping me stand up. People
began shouting at her as well. As we were away from the crowd, her hand shot out.

“Hello, Sass! My name is Amelia.” She gave me a pearly, straight teeth smile. My heart instantly
slow down feeling at peace.

“How do you know me?” I asked. To be honest, I have never seen this girl in my four years at
this school.

“Everyone knows who you are,” She reply still smiling. She continued, “ I was in the corridor
when you told your friends what happened and I saw all the bullying as the days passed. I didn’t
taught they would go on so, you seem to be coping so far; physically of course. No one can go
through things like these and still me emotionally intact. ”I felt it start to build up in me and then
the waterworks began. Amelia embraced me in a hug. Comfort, I finally got it.

Days went on and I received new clothes that suit my previous style. Amelia and I have talked
continuously, I realized what true friendship was. Some days I will still come in my dad’s comfy
hoodie. My old group of friends tried to talk to me and even went as far to bully Amelia for
taking me away from them. Little did they know, they remove me from their group. It was
completely their choice. After they got suspended from school because of the bullying,
everything was perfect.

Until one day while watching news, Amelia name flashed across the screen and on top mark
‘Missing’. I couldn’t believe this.

One year, two weeks and seventeen days and the truest, most loving friend I have ever had was
still missing.

Who could hurt such a kind-hearted girl?