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2015 AAYS Committee

Project Director



Operations AAYS Team Corporate Relations

Marketing Team Program Team
2015 AAYS Committee

Executive Committee (4 positions)

Project Leader
- To lead the project
- Coordinate the corporate relations, operations and marketing committees

Deputy Project Leader

- To assist the project leader

- In charge of minutes at every meeting
- To remind executive committee on timeline/ tasks due-dates
- To prepare official documents

Corporate Relations (5 positions)

Director and x4 Members

Corporate Relations (CR) works as a sponsorship committee. As this is a very large-scale event, there is a need for various sponsors to come together. Ideally, there will be a member
from each ASEAN country to draw on resources from the individual country’s sponsors. The director acts as the “treasurer” for AAYS Committee, as he/ she will consolidate the
expenditure and income received for running this event.
2015 AAYS Committee

Operations (6 positions)

Director and x5 Member

Operations, as the name suggests, is involved with the actual runnings of the event on the day itself. This means, there is preparatory work for the set-up/ layout of the event, and audio
and visual aspects on the day itself. They are also in charge of planning the programme(s) and flow of events for the day – especially relevant when the diplomats have limited time to
make an appearance at our event.

Marketing (5 positions)

Director and x4 Members

The Marketing committee has two tiers of work: Firstly, is publicity to students to attend the event – this is in terms of facebook/ updating website/ other forms of advertisement in
Melbourne; and Secondly, is publicity to various news medias – through newspaper/ reporters etc. This event aims to gather publicity not just to the overseas students but to the
Australian community as well. This team will also need an experienced designer.

Program (3 positions)

Director and 2 Members

The Program team is in charge of the actually content of the event.

- AAYS Program includes discussion topic, timeline of event
- Cultural Festival Program includes the set-up of stalls, planning of timeline, what happens on/off stage