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Issue No 21 November 2016

Cousland Courier
This our final edition of 2016 . CV H A AGM Inside this issue:

Next year the Courier will be 23 FEBRUARY 7.30PM ‘Socks’ 2

issued at the beginning of each Although the AGM seems along way off we would A68 Road Safety 3
season. The next one will be in like to let you know that at this year's meeting we Focus
the Spring . intend to propose amendments to the CVHA
We hope to see you all at the Constitution. We would like everyone's view on Christmas Events 4
Carol singing in the Smiddy on what you think of the events that the committee
Christmas 5
the 18th December and run , what you changes you would like to make.
bringing in the New Year at the
These are important decisions and will shape
Village Hall on the 31st. Congratulations 6
what the committee do in the future.
Have a lovely Christmas
Even if you don’t want to volunteer or be on the
Community News 8
committee come along and
Lesley, Jean. Kathleen and help decide what the village Village Services 10
Fiona does in the future .
Dates for your 11
Cheese and wine will be
Oh …...don’t forget the New
served as usual.
Years Walk on the 2nd January


The bonfire was built, the fireworks were bought, everything was ready for the best
Cousland Guy-Fawkes night yet. The day arrived and the wind was blowing ……………. not just a little.
What were we to do?
The bonfire was close to the houses, very close. Would the flames from the fire spread to the village park? Would the
plastic windows on the houses nearby melt? And what about those oil tanks if the wind turned to the wrong direction!
We would have to cancel.
No ………………. we could move the bonfire.
Which is exactly what happened. The bonfire was lit and right on the stroke of 6:30 rockets whooshed and fizzed. We were
treated to a spectacular display of fireworks which rivalled even the best our capital city offers. Despite the wind and cold
the event was well supported with hot soup being especially welcome. Thank you Carol.
Thanks goes to Marshall for spending time on Saturday morning moving the not insignificant pile of combustible material
further down the field. To Ian McKean for carrying out a door to door collection and organising and lighting the fireworks.
Also to all the other helpers . Without you the event would not be possible.

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Page 2 Cousland Courier

Milday Socks - “Shetland Smiler”

At the end of August, Paul and I settled down to our usual Sunday night television viewing, which always
includes “Countryfile”. We were aware that the results of the BBC’s Countryfile 2017 Children in Need
calendar were to be announced and were looking forward to seeing the 12 selected photographs. As the
winning entries appeared on the screen, I noticed a smiling Shetland pony with a very familiar cheeky little
face. I felt certain that it was Socks and, when it was shown a second time, I just knew it was him. After a
little scream of excitement, I decided quickly to contact Socks and sent a message to his Facebook page to
ask if it really was him. (Yes, he can be contacted on “SOCKS the Shetland Moonwalking Pony”). The
following day, his lovely owner, Mari Williamson of the Benston Shetland Pony Stud, confirmed that it was
indeed Cousland’s very own MILDAY SOCKS and his photograph had been submitted by Elaine Tait along
with 20,000 other entrants!

Elaine was Socks’ handler and trainer for the filming of the Three mobile phone network’s advertisement of a
Shetland pony who moonwalked to the music of Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere”. That was three years ago
and the advertisement shot to fame when it received over 7 million hits on You Tube. It was then broadcast
again at Christmas when Socks and his companions appeared to have grown antlers!

The theme for the Countryfile calendar 2017 was “From Dawn till Dusk” and Elaine’s beautiful photograph is
entitled “Shetland Smiler” although, to me, he looks as if he is having a jolly good laugh. Socks is the ’pin
up’ for the month of July

As some people may already know, Socks was bred by John Lawrie of the Milday Stud, which is based in
Cousland, and it was eight years ago that Gem’s Ruby gave birth to Socks in the field behind Northfield
Farm. Socks then moved
to Shetland when Mari
became his new owner.

By coincidence, it is not
Socks’ first appearance
on Countryfile. In June
2013, Adam Henson
travelled to Shetland to
interview Socks and his
owner, Mari, on
Shetland’s beautiful
Bigton Sands. Adam was
completely smitten by
the little chap and was
thrilled that he managed
to get Socks to give a
brief demonstration of
his famous moonwalk.

Socks has returned to

Cousland (incognito, of
course, as all famous stars do when they return to the place of their birth), while in transit between Shetland
and destinations further south in order to fulfil requests for VIP appearances at various shows. He has also
undertaken television interviews, appeared in newspapers and magazines (including ’Horse and Hound’)
and even Hamleys, the well known London toyshop, produced (with Three Mobile) a Socks soft toy in time
for Christmas. Socks also has his own merchandise/memorabilia available such as key rings, notebooks,
coasters and telephone covers.

There is no Cousland calendar this year so, why not support the Children in Need Appeal by purchasing the
BBC’s Countryfile calendar 2017 with our wonderful Milday Socks appearing as ‘Mr. July’. It costs £9.50
(including postage) of which a minimum of £4 is donated to the Appeal. It would make a lovely Christmas
present for you, your family or friends. I have already got mine!
Fay Cornes
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Page 3 Cousland Courier

A68 Road Safety Focus Group

Tynewater Community Council, prompted by
Councillor Beattie, has set up a focus group and is
consulting with residents of all of our main Tynewater
communities to identify safety issues on the A68 - the
spine road we all use regularly to travel around our
local area.

People also suggested ways they think these safety

issues might be improved. Suggestions include
Average-speed cameras, reduced speed limits,
realignment and regrading of slip roads, roundabouts
at main junctions, lighting, traffic lights, new foot-
bridge etc.

There are fuller sets of outputs from the meeting

displayed on the Community Council noticeboards in
the village.

The Focus Group is having discussions with the

Scottish Government/Transport Scotland and will be
presenting the collated views of all the Tynewater
communities to them in due course.
If anyone wishes to add their concerns or suggestions
for improvement of the A68, please email them to
gjbrown148@btinternet.com with A68 in the subject
line or just speak to Gordon Brown.

Further reports will be published in future editions.

Smiddy & Hub Visit by Napier

On 3rd December we were visited by 25 Napier
University students and their lecturer. The product
design students came along to see the blacksmithing
process and speak to Sean about his work for a
project in which they will design a companion set.
The sets, along with the marketing and design
elements, will then be judged and a number will be
made up by Sean for sale in the University shop.


There are a number of available sites for building houses in Cousland and it would be helpful if the council knew
villagers’ preferences for these developments.

At the next two cafes a brief questionnaire will be available for villagers to have their say. The recommendations will add-
ed to our existing Cousland Development Plan and fed back to the council.

Come along and help shape the future developments of our village.

If you can’t make the cafés, you can drop you thoughts on a note and hand them into the post office. We will collate your
answers and feed them back at the AGM for considerations by all present.

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Cousland Smiddy Plots A BIG THANK YOU

Have you ever fancied growing vegetables, but don't Thanks to Fiona Dunn whose sharp eye spotted that the
have the space or do you fancy your hand at flowers or school site was to be left with hard core, some people
fruit? If so, you may be interested in putting your name were able to contact Councillors Lisa Beattie and Kenny
down for an allotment for next year. Wilson with their concerns. Lisa dealt with this even
though she was on sick leave and was instrumental in
The allotments are found behind the Old Cousland finding the funds to cover the contract change to topsoil
Smiddy and are run by the allotment holders - the
and grass seed.
Plotters. The allotments are broken down into a number
of smaller holdings, which are rented out on an annual
lease from the Old Smiddy. The rents are very cheap We now will have something more attractive to look at
and are easily recovered with your harvests. than what was originally planned. A big thank you to all
The type of vegetables grown on the allotments varies
from plot to plot. While some stick to more traditional
varieties of vegetables, others have found success with
sweet corn, French beans, courgettes and squashes.
Although you will find that the soil is very fertile and
workable for a large number of fruit and veg, one rule CHRISTMAS CONCERT
that guides everyone on the allotment is that you have
to be organic. Being organic can be a challenge with SATURDAY 3 DEC AT 7.30PM
slimy slugs and pesky pigeons keeping you on your
toes! However, I am sure that you are well aware of the
health and ecological benefits of this method of New Carols Fun Carols
Come and Sing-along too!
We have always found that the sites are very popular
and that there can be a bit of a wait until you get a site.
However, at this time a small plot has come available Guest Appearance
and will looking to be leased from January onwards. If
you feel that this is of interest to you and you wish to Newtongrange Junior Band
give it a bash then please let one of Plotters committee
members or me know — just give me a call/email or
drop a wee note through the door.
Tickets £8 (Child £5)
Claire Poustie
from Libraries or Restoration Yard
Current committee members
Tommy Wightman A collection will be taken in aid of Pathhead
Brian Ellis
Claire Poustie
Youth Project

December 18 Seniors Christmas Lunch 1.30pm for 2pm Village Hall
Please give your name into Post Office or a Committee Member
December 18 Cousland Smiddy Carols 6.00pm Smiddy
December 31 Hogmanay at the Hall 9.30pm -1.00am Village Hall
January 2 New Year Walk 11.00am Meet Village Hall
January 28 Not a Burns Night 7.30pm Village Hall

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Page 5 Cousland Courier

In recent weeks there have been two separate thefts in the Village, one in which a bicycle was stolen and a
second where a van was broken into and several hundreds of pounds of tools were stolen.
We ask that all villagers are vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police as soon as they see it.

Here are a couple of festive recipes we though you NOT A BURNS NIGHT
might like .They were found in a recipe book pub-
lished nearly 100 years ago . JANUARY 28th
Mulled Ale
You will see from the ‘dates in your diary page’ later in
Ingredients - 1 quart of good ale, 1 glass of rum or the Courier that his year we are intending to hold a
brandy, 1 tablespoon of castor sugar, a pinch of Burns Night with a difference. In fact it is called Not-a-
ground cloves, a pinch of grated nutmeg, a good
pinch of ground ginger

Method - Put the ale, sugar, cloves, nutmeg and This years we intend to have an evening with a much
ginger into an ale warmer or stewpan and bring more of an Italian theme.
nearly to boiling point. Add the brandy and more
sugar and flavouring if necessary and serve at once. Julie and Darren have once again offered to tempt our
taste buds and below is a sample of what we can expect
from their menu. All those what have tasted their food at
Punch, Hot previous events will look forward with eager
Ingredients - 1 quart of very old ale, 1 pint of boiling anticipation to this new version of a Burns night supper.
water, 1/4 pint of rum, 1/4 pint of whisky, 1/4 pint of
gin, 1 lemon thinly sliced, sugar to taste, a pinch of
ground cinnamon, a pinch of ground cloves, a pinch Minestrone Soup
of grated nutmeg with Award Winning Cousland Bread
Method - Put all these ingredients into a large stew
pan and bring nearly to boiling point. Strain into a
Braw Scot's Haggis Lasagne
punch bowl, add a few fresh slices of lemon and
Italian Cheese and Biscuits

This is an advance notice for the 2018 Cousland Vegetarian options available. (Please let us know in

Tickets on sale from Committee members and at the

Keep your eyes open and your camera or
Hogmanay night on 31st December .
phone handy and start snapping these
Cousland moments now. There will be a com-
petition open to all ages to select each month's Health and Safety
pic later in 2017, and the
If possible could villagers please help to keep
more entries we paths clear of ice and snow and refrain from
have, the better it parking vehicles on pavements
will be.
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Page 6 Cousland Courier

Wedding Congratulations to:

Chris and Orla Weare married at
Crichton Church and after at
Oxenford Castle on October 8th.
Chris was a former pupil of
Cousland Primary.
They now live in Luxembourg.

Congratulations to:

Craig Dunn (Hadfast Rd) who married Rebecca on 18 July in


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Page 7 Cousland Courier

Congratulations to:
Kathleen and Clelland Orr.

A baby grandson James.

3rd child for Lisa who now has 2
daughters and a son!

Congratulations to
Ken and Andrea Carnie
who won their age group
in the Idaho 5k race, while
on holiday recently

Congratulations to:
Congratulations to
Ashley Lapinskie who passed her HNC in Elspeth Fleming
Water Operations and Management. She
graduated with an A pass in her final year On the birth of her lovely great
project on granddaughter Molly Ann
Fleming born on 2nd Nov
2016. Her daddy is Elspeth’s
"Developed versus Developing" Midlothian grandson William and her
versus the Gaza Strip in Source to Sea. mummy is Emma.

Elspeth says “It is a privilege

to be a great granny.”

Sad News
Mr Ewan Cable who had stayed for many years in
Stewart Park since the Walker Homes were built
died recently.
Our thought are with his family and friends.

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Page 8 Cousland Courier


Tynewater Community Directory

We are in the process of creating a Tynewater Community Directory that would include information about
groups and services for people living in the Tynewater area. We need your assistance in trying to ensure
the information is accurate and complete as possible. Please contact Paul Johnson (either by phone or
email – details below) for a draft copy. You will then be able to add or amend information about your

MIDLOTHIAN COUNCIL’S COMMUNITIES team works with local community based groups and
organisations across Midlothian to support them to develop services within their area.

This work includes:

Supporting and managing a small & large grants programme including supporting Community
groups with funding applications.
Supporting Neighbourhood Planning across Midlothian
In addition to coordination and support to the Federation of Community Councils, the team also
support local community councils.
Armed Forces Community Covenant

The Communities Officer for the Tynewater area is: Paul Johnson
Tel: 0131 270 5675 Email: paul.johnson@midlothian.gov.uk

Midlothian Council may have funding available for groups in the Village (September 2017) If you are
interested in applying, please contact : paul.johnson@midlothian.gov.uk

There was a good turnout from across the Tynewater area for the Pathhead Horti Inter
Village Quiz 2017 which took place in Cousland Village Hall on 11th October. Competing
against Pathhead, Edgehead and Newlandrig, Cousland was represented by Claire
Poustie, Sheena Irving and Jean Kirk. Despite not knowing that the proper name for a
pruning saw is a Grecian saw they did come up with enough correct answers to achieve the
highest score and win the silver trowel trophy. The evening ended with the traditional
delicious home baking provided by the Horti team. Thanks to the Cousland team’s
supporters in the audience.

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2020 RENEWABLES Presentation
Proposal for 7 turbines at Gilston B6368 to Borders Council. Previous refusal for bigger number, but new
application for smaller number as the development is close to grid and few environmental impacts. SLR doing
environmental assessment. Any feedback or view points from local communities and neighbouring folk welcome to
2020 Renewables. Maximum height is 126.5 m to blade tip. The hub 70 – 80 m. These are about twice the height
of those on Dunlaw.
HG pointed out it is100m away from Fala Flow. Pink footed geese roost there and the previous scoping exercise
was not acceptable. It has not covered displacement of wildlife. Black Grouse also up there. Research into flight
path and follow up? Links within 2 km of the site. Tenants of landowner may be subjected to noise if they reside
within 2 km. HG recommended there is a layout plan of noise levels which takes this into account. Viewpoints from
Soutra Aisle and also to include junction of Sauchland Tynehead B6458 with A68. It was not thought tree
height will shield the view of such large windmills. Community ownership possibility? Linking pathways could be
useful to community i.e. walkers and ornithologists. Grid Connection to Dunlaw grid could be stated in planning
Application to sort out wayleave etc.
Late January or Feb there will be a pre-planning exhibition of the proposals by 2020 Renewables.

Kenny Young reported Callander park – grass destroyed by car – Police informed
Young people should be able to take advantage of 12 new housing units phase 2 of council house building
programme proposed where lock ups are at Crichton Ave.
Garden Bin uplifts stop end of October and start up in March. Kenny Young has asked about this and will try to get
It extended.

- School now demolished. Thanks were expressed for the support of Lisa Beattie and Kenny Young in changing the
council’s original plan to cover the site from hard-core to one of topsoil and grass seed following concerns of
- 2 bins requested at either end of Hadfast Road still not appeared


Meetings 2017 — All Welcome 7.30pm

17 January Cousland Village Hall
28 February Callander Pavilion
9 May Fala Village Hall
13 June Callander Pavilion
19 September Cousland Village Hall
17 October Callander Pavilion
12 December Fala Village Hall

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Page 10 Cousland Courier

Cousland Village Post Office

Ken & Andrea
Cousland Village
Opening Times:
Post Office
Monday — Friday
Would like to wish all 9.00am - 12noon
their Customers a Andrea and Ken Carnie
Merry Christmas and
A Happy New Year

Clubs and Societies Meeting Days
3 December, 12.30 - 3.00pm
Majority Group 1st Mon in Month 2.00pm
Cousland Village Hall
Circuit Training Monday 7.30pm
Please come along for Soup, Sandwiches,
Carpet Bowling Tuesday 7.00pm scones, cakes, tea and coffee for just £5.00 per
person. Also a great time to catch up with
SWRI (Rural) 3rd Tues in Month 7.00pm friends and neighbours before the Christmas
festivities! All proceeds will go to Dalkeith
Parent & Tots Wednesday 9.15am High School to help fund this very worthy trip
to South Africa to help and support township
Youth Club Wednesday 6.30pm schools. Thank you in advance and look
forward to seeing you there. Please call, text or
Girl Guides Friday 6.30pm email to reserve a place in order to help us
organise catering.
History Group 2nd Sat in the month 10am-12pm
Ellie and Jackie Doolan
Rainbows Thursday 6.00pm Tel: 07876680020
Email: jackie.doolan@live.co.uk
Milestones Thursday 6.30pm

Village Trades and Services

B & B (Twin/Double Room) Kathleen & Robin Donald 0131 663 1821
Beauty Treatments Claire Wilson 07849 717291
Blacksmith/Forged Metalwork Sean Cockburn 0758 6540434
Builder & Plasterer Clark Millar 07812 780 017
Child Minder Carol McArthur 0131 660 2315
Computer Services & small DIY jobs Tom Morrow 07884 125126
Fencing, Railings & Metalworker Steve Gilhooley 07702 188 692
Hairdresser Christine Bolton 07909 059905
Painter/Decorator Stewart Naysmith 0131 454 9707
Personal Trainer Phil Calvert 07525 046 436
Personal Trainer Gemma Chapman 07783 941723
Physiotherapist Dougal Coward 07921 618 568
Plumber /Heating & Boiler Servicing Gordon Dunn 07850 246 810
Vet Beattie & John Buxton 0131 654 2266

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Page 11 Cousland Courier

Dates for your Diary
December Caroline Pearson (Chair)
3 Charity Afternoon Tea 12.30-3pm Village Hall Norrie Brown (Secretary)
3 Christmas Concert Dalkeith Singers 7.30pm St Nicholas Buccleuch Tom Morrow (Treasurer)
3 Whisky Tasting 7.30pm Village Hall
Brian Ellis
4 Cousland Smiddy Trust 7.30pm Smiddy Cottage
Andrew McGovern
5 Majority Group – Railways of Midlothian 2.00pm Village Hall
5 CVHA Committee Meeting 7.00pm Village Hall Stuart Buchan
10 Youth Club—Panto Trip Alison Vikis
10 Cousland History Project 10.00-12.00 Smiddy Cottage Fiona Dunn
14 Youth Club - Xmas Party Darren Sweeney
18 Senior Christmas Lunch 1.30 for 2.00pm Village Hall
Claire Thomson
18 Cousland Smiddy Carol Singing 6.00pm Smiddy
31 Hogmanay at the Hall 9.30pm-1.00am Village Hall
The Village Committee
meet 1st Monday of each
January 2017
month in the Village Hall.
2 New Year Walk 11.00am Village Hall
14 Cousland History Project 10.00-12.00 Smiddy Cottage Members of the community
17 Tynewater Community Council Meeting Village Hall are always welcome to
28 ‘Not a Burns Night’ 7.30pm Village Hall

4 Community Café 10.30am Village Hall
6 Majority Group 2.00pm Village Hall
7 Cousland Smiddy Trust 7.30pm Smiddy Cottage
11 Cousland History Project 10-12pm Smiddy Cottage ODD JOB
21 SWRI 7.00pm Village Hall
23 AGM 7.30pm Village Hall
28 Tynewater Community Council Meeting Callander Pavilion ODD JOBS


4 Community Café 10.30am Village Hall CALLAN ON:
6 Majority Group 2.00pm Village Hall
654 2370
6 CVHA Committee Meeting 7.00pm Village Hall
7 Cousland Smiddy Trust 7.30pm Smiddy Cottage
11 Cousland History Project 10-12pm Smiddy Cottage
21 SWRI 7.00pm Village Hall EGGS FOR SALE
TBA Clean Up Day
At the Kiln on
Quarrybank Road

Cousland Local History Project Meeting Dates Please also note future dates for Smiddy Trust meetings.
10th December 2016 & 14th January 2017 6 December, 7 February, 7 March, 4 April.
10.00 – 12.00 in Smiddy Cottage. All welcome . All are at 7.30pm in the Smiddy Cottage.

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Or 19 Hillside Cottages /1 Hadfast Road or put in red post box in Village Hall/

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