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TATA Steel AET Program - 2019 | Test Login Credentials

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<donot-reply@amcatmail.com> Sat, Mar 9, 2019 at 4:44 PM

To: prakashme0052@gmail.com

Dear Candidate,

Thanks for your interest in opportunity with TATA Steel AET Program! Now, as a next step of recruitment process, you are hereby advised to
undergo our Computer Based Online Recruitment Test (AMCAT).

The test has 3 basic requirements:

A Personal Computer / Laptop.

A Webcam connected with the System
Smooth and uninterrupted Internet connectivity (throughout the testing session)

You may take the test as per your convenience at your home, a nearby cyber-cafe etc. We are mentioning below the URL/Link, USERNAME
and PASSWORD that you are required to use to log into the test. Please note that below test login credentials are valid from 09:00 AM on
11th March, 2019 till 09:30 PM on 11th March, 2019 only.

 To avoid any discrepancies, please check your webcam through the link provided here http://assess.myamcat.com/troubleshoot/

 We would like to reiterate that you must take the test on a computer with a webcam and dedicated/ smooth Internet connectivity. If your
test gets stuck at any point, there is a ‘Resume Incomplete Test’ option that will enable you to restart the test at the same place where you got
stuck. For more details on this, please read the instructions given below. Please ensure that you Resume Test within 2 hours of your test
being stopped.

Note: The HR Team will get in touch with you for your Test Results/Interviews.
All the best!

Browser/OS Requirements: This Assessment is best supported by the below-listed Browsers/Versions.

Google Chrome (version 40 and above, latest version is preferred)

Mozilla Firefox (version 40.0 and above,latest version is preferred)
In case you're taking the test on Windows 8, make sure you use latest version and disable all the popups/ notifications.

Procedure for taking online Test

Following are the steps for taking the test:

1.       For taking the AMCAT exam, copy and paste the URL provided in the email and follow the instructions and enter the username and
password provided to you in this mail.

2.       You will be automatically prompted to allow your Camera to be enabled, please ACCEPT the request.

3.       Click on Start New Test and fill the registration form, Click on Continue, A 14-digit number will appear. This is your AMCAT ID. Note it
and keep it safe with you.

4.       To answer a question, click on Confirm and then Next to submit your answer.

5.       Ensure that while you open this link no other tab/window/link is opened simultaneously on your system else your scores will not be

6.       Also, the internet connectivity should be smooth and please complete the assessment in one go.

7.       Kindly ensure no human intervention / interruption is there at the time of attempting the test.

8.       Please keep a government ID proof (Adhaar Card/ Pan Card/ Driving License / Voter ID) ready with yourself before taking the
assessment  as you will be requested to click a photograph with your ID proof in the start of the test.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are not allowed to open any other Browser / Switch between the Test Screen and other windows/ Minimize the Test
Window. The Test will get locked permanently if a candidate is found switching through windows while taking the Test.

Candidates found to be using unfair means will be debarred from further processes.

Online Test details

Following are your test login details:

Test URL -  https://amcat248.aspiringminds.com/#/en/2029

User Name - prakashme0052@gmail.com
Password - Ed3hNA8o

For any technical difficulty during the test –

 There will be a link to Aspiring Minds live chat support: 'Live Support' on the login page. Please click on this link only in case you get stuck up
with an issue at any time, while you take up the test.

Please do not click the Assessment Link until you are ready to take the assessment in full.

 General Instructions:

1.       There is no negative marking.

2.       You have to answer all the questions mandatorily i.e. you cannot skip any question.

3.       Do not click on Submit Module or Quit Test.

4.       You cannot change your answer of any previous question.

5.       If somehow your test is stopped in between, (due to power failure/internet disconnection) wait for 5 minutes. Now, you may login again
using the same details. After entering the username and password click on Resume Incomplete Test.

 Please ensure that you Resume Test within 2 hours of your test being stopped. (Please Resume the Test only after 5 mins of halting the

Kindly attempt the test at the earliest.

Aspiring Minds