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DAILY LESSON LOG Teacher: Moreno R. Baco Learning Area:

Teaching Dates and Time: July 24-28, 2017 Quarter:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Objectives must be met over the week and connected to the curriculum standards. To meet the objectives, necessary procedures must be followed and if needed, additional lessons, exercises and remedial activities nay be done
developing content knowledge and competencies. These are assessed using Formative Assessment startegies. Valuing objectives supporrt the learning of content and competencies and enable children to find significance and jo
A. Content Standards The Learner demonstrates understanding of holistic health and its management of health concerns, the growth and development of adolescents and how to m
The learner.. Appropriately manages concerns and challenges during adolescents to achieve holistic health
B. Performance Standards
Learning Competencies/ Objectives LC H7GD-Ia-12, H7GD-Ib-13,H7GD-Ib-14, H7GD-Ic-15
Code for each
Content is what the lesson is all about. It pertains to the subject matter that the teacher aims to teach in the CG, the content can be tackled in aweek or two.
II. CONTENT a.Holistic health

III. LEARNING RESOURCES List the materials to be used in different days. Varied sources of materials sustain children's interest in the lesson and in learning. Ensure that there is a mix of concrete and manipulative materials as well as paper-based materia
learning promotes concrete development.
A. References
1. Teacher's Guide pages
OHSP in Health 1Q1 Module 1 PP.5-6 OHSP in Health 1Q1 Module 1 PP.5-6 OHSP in Health 1Q1 Module 1 PP.5-6
2. Learner's Mterials pages
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional Materials from LR portal
B. Other Learning Resources through internet searching
IV. PROCEDURES These steps should be done across the week. Spread out the activities appropriately so that students will learn well. Always be guided by demonstration of learning by the students which you can infer from formative assessmen
Sustain learning systematically by providing students with multiple ways to learn new things, practice their learning, question their learning processes, and draw conclusions about what they learned in relation to their life experie
A. Reviewing previous lessons or presenting Group/work: who am I. Discuss among Confirm it: (Random)Say Agree if the Take Actions For Your Health:(random)
the new lesson the member of the group to which of statement confirms the practices of Write the health dimension that will be
the dimension of holistic health does adolescents in managing things. enhances if you do the given activities. Be
the given statement. Explain your Disagree if it is not. able to explain your answer orally.
answer to the class.

B. Establishing a purpose for the lesson Truth and nothing but the truth: Which side? Have a representative each checking health habits and practices: put a
Embrace yourselves if the statement row, infer with the row statement is check in the column after each item to
relates to your pratice or habit, raise you true, if it is true, the representatives show how often u practice the health
fingers forming korean heart if it does going to the right side and left side if it activity.
not. Evaluate your practices by 9-10 is not, defend your side.
excellent, 7-8 VS, 5-6 S, 3-4 Fair, 1-2 N.I.
C. Presenting examples/ instances of the new Explain the five dimension of holistic
lesson health; a. physical, b. mental, c. moral -
spiritual, d. social, e. emotional

D. Discussing new concepts and practicing something to ponder on.Discuss and Concept mapping: connect it! On the Activity; Connect it to Art: create a poster
new skills #1 explain the concept of the holistic given boardwork, write one health to illustrate your plan of action to attain
health. dimension and the things you can do to holistic health. Use a cartolina and water
contribute holistic health. Explain color,crayon, oil pastel etc.
briefly how the health dimension are

Discussing new concepts and practicing
new skills #2
F. Pass the box: the learners pass the box
with questions while the music plays,
those who has the box when the music
pauses will pick a question and answer
it in the class.

Developing Mastery (Leads to Formative

Assessment 3)
G. Finding practical applications of concepts
and skills in daily living
H. Students sum-up that as an adolescent, Students should realize that the five Student should realize that holistic health
changes comes rapidly and they must dimension of holistic health are is important to adolescents it may be
cope up with those changes in order for interrelated. Like puzzle pieces, they difficult but it can be attained by means of
them to have a positive development need to fitted together. It affects one checking one's health status and activities
and practicing a positive healthy another because they are equally and by planning.
behaviors results in attaining holistic important.
Making generalizations and abstractions
about the lesson
short quiz: multiple choice

I. Evaluating learning
Additional activities for application or
Reflect on your teaching and assess yourself as a teacher. Think about your students' progress this week. What works? What else needs to be done to help the students learn? Identify what help your instructional supervisors ca
VI. REFLECTION you so when you meet them, you can ask them relevant questions.

A. No. of learners who earned 80% in the

B. No. of learners who require additional
activities for remediation who scored below
C. Did the remedial lessons work? No. of
learners who have caught up with the lesson
D. No. of learners who continue to require
E. Which of my teaching strategies worked
well? Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I encounter which my
principal or supervisor can help me solve?
G. What innovation or localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish to share with
other teachers?
Growth and Development

Day 4
al lessons, exercises and remedial activities nay be done for
mpetencies and enable children to find significance and joy in learning
velopment of adolescents and how to manage it
eve holistic health

nd manipulative materials as well as paper-based materials. Hands-on

OHSP in Health 1Q1 Module 1 PP.5-6

students which you can infer from formative assessment activities.

ns about what they learned in relation to their life experiences and
Activity; open ended sentences 1. attaining
holistic health means_____. 2. the five
dimension of health are____. 3. I can attain
good health if ___. 4. from now on I promise

Picture Analysis: ( show pictures of different

stages of growth and development of both
gender) Students will explain the similarities
and differences of the growth and
development of both gender.
Discuss and explain the stages of growth and
development(infancy to old age)

Discuss to recognize that the changes in

different dimension are normal during

Change me not: Group by gender of 6-8

members; list down all the changes you have
experienced or experiencing.
earn? Identify what help your instructional supervisors can provide for

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Head Teacher III - MAPEH Dept.