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ors IN THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA, KWé-ZULU~ NATAL LOCAL DIVISION - DURBAN CASE NO.: 1301014 In the matter betwaen ASHWIN BUNSEE APPLICANT and COMMISIONER FOR THE SOUTH AFRICAN REVENUE SERVICE FIRST RESPONDENT SHYAM $ VATHER SECOND RESPONDENT APPLICANT'S REPLYING AFFIDAVIT | the undersigned, ‘ASHWIN BUNSEE o hereby make oath and say:- 1.1 am the Applicant and deposed tothe founding affidavit herein; 41.2 Ihave read and had regard to the answering affidavit deposed to by the Second Respondent in this matter together withthe annexures thereto and reply as is set ut heceundr, we W age zot 1s At the outset | wish to point out to this Honourable Court thai some ofthe contents of the said affidavit are contradictory, riddled with inconsistencies and the version ‘advanced improbable and untrue, For that reason, it s my respectful submission this Honourable Court can and stiouls make a finding on the parers against the Second Respondent. 3.1 Ineplying t do not wish to traverse each and every allegation made in the answering affidavit so as not fo unduly burden the record; 3.2 However! do not intend any omission on my part to dea with any such allegation tobe construed as an admission thereof and, insofar as may be necessary, | dispute each and every such allegation made by the Second Respondent. ADPARA 1 ‘The contents ofthis paragraph are noted. Page 39119 AD PARAS 2,3 AND 5 ‘These are matters for legal argument. ADPARA 4 6.1 I deny that the letters or documents annexed to the answering affidavit were correctly direced by the First Respondent to me; 82 The Second Respondent is directly responsible forthe situation in which I found ‘myself and for that reason he should be responsible for paying the costs ofthis Applicaton, as opposed to the First Respondent which acted on records which ‘were authored, compile by or emanated from the Second respondent, AD PARAS 6 AND. ‘Save for recording thatthe Second Respondent did al my accounting work, and, now realize that he was an insidious frend, | admit the corionts ofthese paragraphs,