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Explain 8 QAM transmitter with relevant block diagram, truth table phasor diagram,

constellation and output waveform. Reg. No

32. a. Draw and explain the simplified block diagram of FM microwave radio transmitter and
Third Semester
(oR) _
(For the candidates admitted during the academic year 2015 2016 onwards)
(ii) cPRs.
(i) Part - A should be answered in OMR sheet within first 45 minutes and OMR sheet should be handed
over to hall invigilator at the end of 45s minute.
*!t'*!t* (ir) Part - B and Part - C should be answered in answer booklet.

Time: Three Hours Max. Marks: 100

PART -A (20 x I = 20 Marks)

AnswerALL Questions
l. Which of the following analog modulation scheme requires the minimum transmitted power
and minimum channel bandwidth?
(c) ssB (D) DSB-FC
2. For an AM wave, the maximum voltage was found to be lOV and the minimum voltage was
found to be 5V. The modulation index of the wave would be
(A) 0.33 (B) 0.s2
(c) 0.40 (D) 0.1
3. The bandwidth of narrow band FM is
(A) Double of (B) Same as
(C) Greater than (D) Lesser than

4. Consider an FM broadcast signal which has been modulated by a single tone modulating
signal of frequency of I 5 kl{z and frequency deviation of 7 5 kJ:lz then the modulation index
(A) l0 (B) s
(c) 3 (D) I
5. The master oscillator in an AM tansmitter generates
(A) Modulating signal (B) Sub-harmonic of modulating sigral
(C) Carrier sigral (D) Sun-harmonic of carrier signal
6. The desired intermediate frequency in super heterodyne receiver is
(A) fi+ f, (B) fi-f"
(C) fi+2f" (D) fi-2f"
7. _converts FM signal into corresponding AM signat
(A) Pre-emphasis (B) Frequency discriminaton
(C) De-emphasis @) Limiters
The FM broadcast receivers use _ as intermediate frequency
(A) 88 MHz (B) 45s MI{z
(C) 45.s kl{z (D) 10.7 MIIZ
Pagc ,l of4 l9NT31sEC252 Page I of4 r9NBl5EC252
9. PWM is also called as PART-B (5 x 4=20 MarksJ
(A) PAM (B) PPM Answer ANY FM Questions
(c) PDM (D) PCM
21. CompareAM andFM.
10. ln a PPM system, ttre transmitted pules have
(A) Constant amplitude, varying width (B) Varying amplitude, constant width Find the power in each side band of an AM sigrral with a carrier signal having a peak signal
(C) Constant amplitude, constant width (D) Varying amplitude, varying widttt voltage of |OOV modulated by ttree different sigrrals. The peak modulating volt4ges are
10V, 20V and 30V respectively. Assume a load resistance of 1000.
is a five character code
(A) ASCII (B) BAUDOT 23. Draw the block diagram of low level and high level AM transmitter.
24. Write short note on ASCII.
is generally referred to as character pmity
(A) vRC (B) LRC 25. List the various standard organizations for data communication. Write briefly about any one
(c) CI{ECKSUM (D) CRC among it.

13. In ASK technique, the input message signal is 26. List the advantages and disadvantages of microwave radio.
(A) Analog (B) Binary
(C) Pulse (D) Samples 27- What is Handoffi What are ttre types in it?

14. The control channel is present in PART-C(5 xl2= 60Marks)

(A) QPSK (B) 8 FSK Answer ALL Questions
(c) 16 QAM (D) 8 PSK
28. a.i. Derive the voltage and current expressions for Amplitude Modulation (AM) technique.
(8 Marks)
15. The output signal from is not a constant amplitude signal
(A) FSK (B) QPSK ii. For an AM DSBFC modulator with a carrier frequency of 100 kHz and a maximum
(c) 8 PSK (D) 8 QAM modulating signal of 5 kHz. Determine
(1) Frequency limits for upper and lower side bends (2 Marks)

16. Mathematically, bandwidth efficiency is (2) Bandwidth (2 Marks)

(A) Bits/sec (B) Bits/cycle

(C) Cycles/sec (D) Bits/hertz (oR)
b.i. Explain the working of varactor diode modulator with a neat sketch. (8 Marks)

17, Microwaves are generally described electromagnetic waves with frequancies that range from
approximately ii. Determine the peak frequency deviation and modulation index for a FM modulator with
(A) 500 MHzto 300 GHz (B) 500 kllz to 300 MHz frequencysensitivity kf =SkHztV andamodulatingsignalof 2cos(2r2000t). (4Marks)
(C) 500 kllz to 300 GHz (D) 500 Hz to 300 kllz
29. a. With neat block diagram, explain the working of AM super heterodyne receiver in detail.
18. A certain optical fibre has a refractive index ofclad (nr): 1.40 and that ofcore (nz) : 1.05.
its numerical aperture will be (oR)
(A) 0.8s7s (B) 0.9260 b. Explain the working of Faster Seeley discriminalor circuit with relevant diagram.
(c) 0.3s00 (D) 0.ls8s
30. a.i. Draw the block diagram of PCM transmitter and explain its function. (8 Marks)
19. GSM is based on -
(A) FDMA (B) WDMA ii. Compare various pulse modulation techniques. (4 Marks)
20. The minimum frequency Re-use distance D can be obtained from the formula b. Explain the most common error detection techniques used in detail'
(A) p -Jtn.n (B) o -Jl*.n
a. Explain QPSK transmitter with neat block diagram with truth table, phasor diagram and
(c) o=Ji* (D) o=JJ.n 31.
constellation diagram.
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