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FIRST NAME: ………………………………. SURNAME....................................................... CYCLE: I


1 Circle the correct sentence.

1 A It’s a house. 5 A It’s an English dictionary.
B It’s an house. B It’s a English dictionary.
2 A These is our classroom. 6 A They’re diarys.
B This is our classroom. B They’re diaries.
3 A Two boxs of paper, please. 7 A “What are these?” “They’re a headphones.”
B Two boxes of paper, please. B “What are these?” “They’re headphones.”
4 A Kim and Tony are students. 8 A Is that your tissues?
B Kim and Tony is students. B Are those your tissues?

2 Complete the sentences with the correct word or phrase.

Example: Turn left here.
Turn to Turn we Turn
1 I’m thirsty. __________ stop at the café. 4 __________ quiet, children!
Let’s Don’t We You Are Be
2 __________ my pizza! 5 __________ turn the radio on.
No eat Don’t eat Eat not Let Let’s Let us to
3 Please __________ your car here. 6 __________ to me.
don’t park no park not to park You are listen Listen Listen you

3 Underline the correct word or phrase.

Example: This is our car new / new car.
1 They have expensives / expensive computers. 4 We are very good students / students very good.
2 It’s a day nice / nice day. Let’s go out. 5 These DVDs are cheap / cheaps.
3 Is she a French / France singer? 6 Juan has eyes blue / blue eyes.


4 Complete the sentences with the correct word(s).

1 Can you close the windows? We’re __________. gray BMW old
really cold very tired quite hot 5 The opposite of happy is __________.
2 Mary’s __________ old. She’s 100. bored sad worried
very near lot 6 Her job is difficult and she’s very __________.
3 My sister has a __________ bike. wrong happy stressed
far easy pink 7 I’m __________ tired.
4 “What color is your car?” “It’s __________.” small really big

5 Order the sentences.

1 is watch an expensive This 4 newspaper the Read
________________________________________ ________________________________________
2 nice headphones They’re 5 here park Let’s
________________________________________ ________________________________________
3 my identification My photo is on card 6 lamp on the Turn

6 Write the opposites.

dangerous dirty easy expensive far full tall ugly
Example: near far
1 cheap __________ 4 short __________ 7 safe __________
2 empty __________ 5 difficult __________
3 clean __________ 6 beautiful __________


7 Circle the word with a different sound.

Example: park lamp black cat
1 tall bored short hot 4 tissue book full good
2 easy slim cheap piece 5 mother thanks this the
3 you new blue look

8 Underline the stressed syllable.

Example: sci|ssors
1 ma|ga|zine 3 um|bre|lla 5 a|ttrac|tive
2 pen|cil 4 beau|ti|ful 6 Ja|pa|nese

1 Read the text and circle A, B, or C.

Famous People

Julio Iglesias (born 1943) is a singer. He’s very famous in Europe and America.
Julio is from Madrid, the capital of Spain. He’s tall and very good-looking. He
has short black hair and brown eyes. He has eight children.

Wayne Rooney (born 1985) is a British soccer player. He’s from Liverpool in the
north of England. He isn’t very tall and he isn’t very slim, but he’s a good soccer
player and he’s rich! His wife’s name is Coleen and they have one child.

JK Rowling (born 1965) is English. Her full name is Joanne Kathleen Rowling.
She’s famous because she writes the Harry Potter books. She is also very rich.
Joanne is slim, but she isn’t tall. Her hair is long and blond. She has beautiful
blue eyes and she’s very pretty.

Barack Obama (born 1961) is a politician. He’s the President of the USA and his home is the White House.
He’s about 50. He is tall and attractive. He has very short black hair and his eyes are brown. His wife is
Michelle Obama. They have two children.

Example: Julio is a famous American.

A True B False C Doesn’t say
1 Julio is a Spanish singer. 5 JK isn’t very rich.
A True B False C Doesn’t say A True B False C Doesn’t say
2 Julio has a small family. 6 JK is married.
A True B False C Doesn’t say A True B False C Doesn’t say
3 Wayne is a sportsman. 7 Barack is very young.
A True B False  C Doesn’t say A True B False C Doesn’t say
4 Wayne is tall and slim. 8 Michelle is very pretty.
A True B False C Doesn’t say A True B False C Doesn’t say


Describe yourself. Use these questions to write a paragraph about you. You can add more
information if you want to (75–100 words)
1 What’s your name?
2 Where are you from?
3 What color is your hair?
4 What color are your eyes?
5 Are you famous / slim / rich / tall / attractive …?
6 Is your family big?
Writing total 6
total 5

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