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Beyond-the-Basic Productivity Tools (BBPT)

Lesson Idea Name: Physical and Chemical Changes Popplet

Content Area: Earth Science
Grade Level(s): 6th grade

Content Standard Addressed:

S8P1. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the structure and properties
of matter.

c. Plan and carry out investigations to compare and contrast chemical (i.e., reactivity,
combustibility) and physical (i.e., density, melting point, boiling point) properties of matter.

Technology Standard Addressed: ISTE-S 1.d.

1. Empowered Learner: Students leverage technology to take an active role in choosing, achieving and
demonstrating competence in their learning goals, informed by the learning sciences.
d. Students understand the fundamental concepts for technology operations, demonstrate the
ability to choose, use and troubleshoot current technologies and ae able to transfer their
knowledge to explore emerging technologies.

Selected Technology Tool: Popplet

URL(s) to support the lesson (if applicable): http://www.popplet.com/

Bloom’s Taxonomy Level(s):
☐ Remembering ☐ Understanding ☐ Applying ☐ Analyzing ☐ Evaluating ☐ Creating

Levels of Technology Integration (LoTi Level):

☐ Level 1: Awareness ☐ Level 2: Exploration ☐ Level 3: Infusion ☐ Level 4: Integration
☐ Level 5: Expansion ☐ Level 6: Refinement

Universal Design for Learning (UDL): This assignment can be done with partners pairing a struggling student
with a proficient one. Students can also use a word bank if additional support is needed.

Engagement: The students will be engaged in the manipulation of technology to further enhance their
familiarity with how to operate technology.

Representation: This lesson allows each student who creates a bubble to be represented with a tag of their
name. Thus showing each students’ participation.

Action and Expression: By using their knowledge of the chemical and physical changes along with their
experiences throughout the unit students will be able to express their understanding through a popplet
concept map.

Lesson idea implementation:

Teacher will explain to students that for one part of their review and to help them study for the unit test they
will do a virtual concept map of chemical and physical changes. The assignment must include the main
difference between the two changes, at least 5 examples of each type of change, and each example needs an
explanation of why it is that type of change. Students will then work individually on their own computers in
Beyond-the-Basic Productivity Tools (BBPT)
pairs through the sharing of the popplet software. This should take no more than two days in the computer
lab. One day for them to complete the popplets individually without talking. The other day will be after
feedback so they can work in pairs to correct any misconceptions.

The completion of the concept map will allow me to assess the understanding of the students and the
concepts. Knowing where the students are struggling helps me modify the study guide for the review before
the test. This lesson will be used as a conclusion lesson review to assess student understanding. After
reviewing the popplets. I will give back a rubric with feedback of misconceptions on the assignment. Then the
students are allowed to correct the misconceptions before turning in the final grade.

Reflective Practice: Another great technology that can be used is some sort of student instant messaging app
so the students can collaborate on day one without talking to disturb others. This way students can help each
other correct misconceptions and learn from each other while practicing their typing skills.